Path of Exile Witch Builds Guide – Cold and Summoning

The Witch is Path of Exile’s pure intelligence class, making her an unmatched master of the elemental and dark arts. She wields the power of raw magic to decimate her foes from a distance.

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Path of Exile Witch Builds – The Cold “CI” Witch

Two elements, Lightning and Cold are pretty popular among Witch casters. This guide will be using Cold, with “Chaos Inoculation.”

Taking “Chaos Inoculation” (CI) has its advantages and disadvantages; depending on how you want to go with your character. By itself, CI makes you immune to Chaos damage but also reduces your maximum health by 1. This eventually means your Witch will have to survive on her Energy Shield alone.

Advantages of going for CI though is that you no longer need to take health/life items and nodes, this eventually leaves you with extra passive points which you can spend in other areas. Bad news for taking CI though is that your character will heavily rely on gear, and a single Energy Shield stands between you and certain death.

As a Cold caster, witches can almost permanently freeze enemies down; making it impossible for them to come in close contact.

In early levels, you may find it hard to dish out enough damage but pretty soon you’ll notice how easily Witches can lock down foes with their ice blasts.

Path of Exile Witch Builds – The “Minions” Summoning

A major advantage for Witches is the easy quick access to “Lord of the Dead.” Why would you need to go in and dirty your hands, when your minions can do that for you?

Eventually, you might even find this build boring to play with. As you progress through the skill tree, your minions will become stronger. Ultimately, you’ll just be sitting on the sidelines with perhaps a couple of totems, while your minions take out every mob in the vicinity.

This build focuses on stacking multiple auras and mainly being able to summon up to four powerful spectres, 10 Zombies or 16 Skeletons. Additionally, this doesn’t mean your Witch ends up being a sissy. She’ll boast some amount of resilience and be tanky enough to dodge out a few blows.

Path of Exile Witch Builds – The AoE “Minions” Summoning

Another build focusing on summoning an army of your personal minions to do your bidding. Do not be fooled by their appearance, at later levels each minion does an immense amount of damage.

You will be making their job easier by providing enemy debuffs and curses to lower their resistances and make them take more damage. A nice amount of AOE damage wouldn’t hurt either, and this build helps you out by giving you additional damage on your spells.

Remember to keep your minion army between you and the enemy crowd. This build excels in survivability, but it doesn’t guarantee your safety if you go marching in yourself.

The only drawback of the build is that you’re going to be pretty weak at the early levels. Your minions will tend to die too easily and too often.

Don’t forget to share your own Witch Builds with us in the comments. Explain your builds to make it easy for other readers to follow!

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