Path of Exile Templar Builds Guide – Caster, Two-Handed Melee and Cold

Templars are hybrid characters in Path of Exile who take advantage of both Strength and Intelligence attributes. Any enemies that dare stand in the way are bested with “weapons of steel and a shield of righteousness.

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Path of Exile Templar Builds – The “Infernal Explosion” Two-Handed Melee

Quite a unique build, if I do so say myself. Regular Templar players might love re-rolling for a bruiser who makes use of curses and debuffs.

It goes without saying that a melee Templar will have his issues during the early stages of the game. This build doesn’t exactly focuses on Strength and hence, your character will be a bit weak but still be able to take a few blows once you have the required level of wears.

As mentioned in the title, the build utilizes two main aspects; Infernal Blow and Debuffs. Enemies are first cursed from range and their fire resistance is brought down. Other spells like Blind and slow would work as well. Then you rush in and take out the mob with the highest HP with your Infernal Blow. The resulting corpse explosion will take care of the other weaker mobs in the area.

I would recommended taking Elemental Weakness and Temporal Chains gems as well. The EW gem will further increase your fire damage and TC will work well with Hex Master node. Adding to Elemental Weakness will also be the “Elemental Equilibrium” node; that is it will further bring down fire resistance of the enemies.

Path of Exile Templar Builds – The “Righteous Fire”

This is a pretty nifty guide by Argonaute. The output damage is pretty high but comes at the cost of low-life. Survivability will be at an average and once your Templar gets caught, it’s pretty much game over. This Righteous Fire build might take some getting used to but I know many would love the high damage output.

Your main stable abilities are going to be Freezing Pulse with Lightning and Ice Spear totem. The Righteous Fire itself will be used for a massive spell damage buff.

“The core of this build uses the low-life state and Pain attunement combined with a constantly active Righteous Fire to obtain an enormous spell DPS boost. Righteous fire is constantly kept active by using Vitality and life regen nodes combined with Zealot’s Oath to transfer the life% regeneration into %Energy Shield (ES) regeneration. By having a very low life pool and very high es pool, the regeneration from Zealot’s Oath can out-heal the damage done by Righteous Fire.”

Path of Exile Templar Builds – The “Freeing Pulse”

People seem to undermine the importance of Ice elemental skills. Granted they give your character a hard time during the early levels. However, once properly made, an elemental Templar can use Ice skills to literally lock-down foes; giving you plenty of time to take them out.

Ultimately the build offers you good survivability through your kiting abilities.

Your main staple skill will be Freezing Pulse, that later should be linked with further Greater Multiple Projectiles, Cold Penetration, Life Leech and Faster Casting gems.

This build also takes a lot of Critical chance nodes. Hence, drop in some “Increased Critical Strike” gems as well. These will help your Freezing Pulse to achieve around 30% critical chance.

“Elemental Proliferation” goes well with the build, as does “Temporal Chains”. EP will help increase your cold damage while TC will put enemies in place by slowing them.

Path of Exile Templar Builds – The “Explosive Arrow”

To keep everyone on the same page, let’s first see what an “Explosive Arrow” does. It’s basically a projectile attack with a 1 second fuse. Once the fuse expires or the target dies, BOOM. You can keep on stacking multiple explosive arrows on the same target, which ultimately increases the damage and AoE radius.

Linking it with Lesser Multiple Projectiles would enable you to cover a wider arc and simply just pump a hail of arrows into everyone and wait for them to go off. You can also use elemental gems to boost your fire damage.

As you can imagine an angry mob of enemies can easily be taken care of. However, there are some issues as well. That 1 second may seem to be a bit too long in some cases, specially if you’re playing Hardcore.

Your main priority in this build should be to get as much attack speed as possible. The greater the amount of arrows you can shoot off, the greater the damage.

Don’t forget to share your own Templar Builds with us in the comments. Explain your builds to make it easy for other readers to follow!

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