Path of Exile Ranger Builds Guide – Iron Grip Bow, Elemental Bow and Physical Bow

Rangers excel in agility and are a popular choice for players wanting to main “bows.” Their dexterity armor pieces grant them the ability to evade blows, in case enemies come in too close. On a good day, Rangers will take out their targets from afar with ease.

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Path of Exile Ranger Builds – The “Iron Grip” Elemental Bow

Since the game went open beta, a specific build by “Petrov” has become pretty popular among Rangers. I must confess that I use the same build myself.

This one focuses on just one thing and that’s survivability. The first branch up to “Perfect Aim” is enough to get you through the early levels. The rest of your tree will use Strength and Health nodes; all the way up to “Iron Grip.”

It’s going to take some time in reaching there, and along the way you will ask yourself this question: “My damage is zilch, why am I leveling up Strength and Health nodes”?

True that your damage may seem a bit on the low side, unless you have found a pretty mean bow, but the point of the build is making sure you survive each battle. Upon reaching “Iron Grip” your character will have amassed a nice collection of resistances against the major elements and a solid amount of total health.

Now comes the time to put all those Strength nodes to use. On their own Strength nodes increase physical melee damage, alongside giving a few points to your total health. Taking “Iron Grip” applies the damage increment to projectiles as well. The total damage bonus is not going to be huge, but it will be good nonetheless.

Path of Exile Ranger Builds – The “Shocker” Elemental Bow

We’re talking all-out DPS in this one; though that will still be sprinkled with its fair share of Strength nodes. Remember that going for a damage only build makes your character into a glass cannon; and while this may seem pretty awesome in the early quests, you’ll be disintegrated once you reach Act 3; or even the later quests of Act 2.

In contrast to the first build, we’ll be moving straight up after taking “Perfect Aim.” There are a lot of juicy Projectile and Elemental damage nodes here. These are going to give you massive damage outputs. The extra movement speed will help you kite larger enemies, and the additional health nodes will be put to good use as well.

The rest of the build follows a similar pattern to that of the “Iron Grip” build. However, this time we’re focusing on taking “Resolute Technique” and then heading straight up. “Why is Resolute so important and why can’t I just take the other damage nodes?” Well, your damage isn’t going to mean anything when most of your attacks are being dodged. With “Resolute Technique,” that problem is fixed.

At the end of this build we reach our true goal – “Static Blows” and “Chance to Shock.” 20% to shock enemies with Lightning Damage and 60% increased shock duration on enemies; I don’t have to tell you how deadly that is.

Path of Exile Ranger Builds – Pure Physical Bow

Also known as the glass cannon build. This one leaves aside every known defensive node, as well as Elemental damage and just focuses on pure physical mayhem.

This also means that you have near to none life-regeneration, and thus you must focus on a high amount of Leech from your Gems and Weapons. Failing to do so means a ‘game over’. Same goes for mana regeneration as well but you’ll find life to be a more worry scenario since you’re physical and not elemental.

It’s also important that you look out for good armor pieces with a high amount of evasion. Since you’re not taking any defensive nodes, the flat armor bonuses are going to be almost negligible. Evasion will help you dodge those few hits; and give you enough time to dish out pain on to them.

Path of Exile Ranger Builds – The Frenzy “Iron Grip” Elemental Bow

The same “Iron Grip” build has been tweaked a bit to include some “Frenzy” nodes, as well as some additional damage nodes. The extra frenzy charge with 18% increased frenzy duration will help your cause a lot.

For those who are new, you’ll be requiring the Frenzy Gem to take advantage of this build. Each successful frenzy hit awards you with a bonus to physical damage and attack speed, which is denoted by a single charge.

Don’t forget to share your own Ranger Builds with us in the comments. Explain your builds to make it easy for other readers to follow!

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