Path of Exile Marauder Builds Guide – Ground Slam, Dual Wield and Tank

Marauders excel in raw power and are the Strength characters in the game. They boast the biggest in-game models, and it’s only too appealing to equip them with double-handed weapons. They are also pretty popular choices when going for a Shield wielding Tank.

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Path of Exile Marauder Builds – The Basic “Endurance” Melee

A common appreciation of the Marauder Skill Tree is its straight-forward strength nodes. There are a lot of them, and they are all concentrated in groups as you progress through the tree.

That said, you won’t have to worry about other attributes with this build. All you’re going to require is strength nodes, Red Gems and a mean double-handed mace.

This build focuses on two major features: Endurance Charges and Life Regeneration. By the time you’ve gone through a major portion of this build, your character will have a huge spike in health regeneration, as well as health leech.

As a result, “Blood Magic” will work flawlessly; you might even begin to think that your abilities cost no mana at all.

Prior to getting “Resolute Technique” you might face some frustration in having your attacks dodged. A two-handed weapon using Marauder has a limited attack-speed, and every dodged attack means danger for you. It’s also important to realize that many put off getting “Resolute Technique” and “Unwavering Stance” to last. Their argument is that the high amount of health and regeneration will make up for it. That’s wrong, and you should get these two nodes as soon as possible.

“Lava Lash” is purely optional.

Path of Exile Marauder Builds – The Ground Slam

Not using Ground Slam with a two-handed mace wield Marauder is like eating toast without butter. It provides a neat way to control large packs and when combined with Heavy Strike, gives a battering to rare mobs and bosses.

This build once again makes use of “Blood Magic,” stacks a high amount of armor and life, provides great survivability and damage with increased effectiveness of your auras. Never underestimate the power of auras, something I often see too well to let go.

Armed with an epic two-handed mace, you can pretty much Ground Slam your way through the normal Acts. The additional endurance charges are going to give you a slight edge as well. Note though that unless you gather up high-level items, the late-game potential of this build is a bit weak for solo-play.

A nifty trick is to combine Ground Slam with Faster Attacks, Life Leech and a Stun gem. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what the end result is going to be.

Path of Exile Marauder Builds – The “Elemental Cleaver” Dual Wield

A pretty interesting build by KrippCurse might make you ditch raw melee damage for an elemental Cleaver effect.

As explained by him “Cleave becomes a unique ability when used with elemental damage and duel wield. One attack hits the target two times, and the elemental damage of each weapon hitting is not reduced by the dual wield penalty of Cleave. Using six auras and a Blood Magic base, this build makes up for a lot of stats otherwise given by gear. This makes the idea of stacking elemental damage from gear on every piece possible — resulting in huge damage and high flexibility with gear.”

Essential gems are Cleave (of course), Weapon Elemental Damage, Faster Attacks, Blood Magic, Life Leech and Elemental Proliferation. The latter, Elemental Proliferation, spreads the elemental effects to nearby enemies as well. For example your chilling or burning debuffs will end up on nearby enemies as well.

The Cleave build is focused on taking out large waves of enemies. While this method works good, it might always make you oblivious to the fact that certain high-level mobs in crowds can insta-gib you if per-chance you end up in their range. Hence, think twice before jumping into a crowd.

Path of Exile Marauder Builds – The “Tanky” Shield Build

Shields coupled with the right defensive nodes make your Marauder God-like. In most cases, you won’t even need rare wares since your Shield will be providing an insane amount of defensive attributes.

It goes without saying that leveling up is going to be a pain, since you’ll lack damage. Best bet is to act as the main aggressor in public/private parties. Leave the damage to be done by your team-mates while you keep the enemies focused on yourself.

This build focuses on Shield attributes, Endurance charges, Health and Life regeneration. “Unwavering Stance” removes block animation because you cannot be stunned, and your auras will further strength your defensive nature.

Don’t forget to share your own Marauder Builds with us in the comments. Explain your builds to make it easy for other readers to follow!

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