Path Of Exile Prepares For Endgame & Engine Improvements

Path of Exile will be concluding its Archnemesis league less than a month from now, meaning that players have only a few more weeks of progression left before starting over with fresh characters when a new league goes live.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, developer Grinding Gear Games announced that Path of Exile will receive a new expansion with update 3.18 on May 13, 2022.

The current Archnemesis league along with the Siege of the Atlas expansion will however end around five days earlier.

Grinding Gear Games plans to host a live stream in early May to reveal the upcoming 3.18 expansion which the developer states will be “a little smaller than Siege of the Atlas.” The new league promises a new set of challenges alongside more content and endgame improvements.

Grinding Gear Games is also working on an update that will introduce “a number of engine improvements” to Path of Exile as well as controller support that is currently in beta on PC.

The update will be rolled out before the Archnemesis league ends, presumably right after the developer reveals the next content expansion in early May.

Siege of the Atlas was released in February to add two new endgame bosses that threaten to consume the Atlas of Worlds. The expansion also introduced a new Atlas skill tree that allows players to invest skill points they gain after completing maps. Much like the main passive skill tree for characters, the Atlas skill tree helps players with their endgame farming routines by improving their endgame content of choice.

Elsewhere, Path of Exile 2 remains in stasis. The standalone sequel was pushed into 2024 with a beta taking place in 2023 after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In the absence of any development updates though, those slated release windows could see further delays.

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