Patented PS5 Friend List Can Load Your Gaming Profiles On Other Consoles

Sony Interactive Entertainment has found a new way to make it easier for friends to play on your PlayStation 5 console without the need of any credentials.

According to a new patent published earlier today, Sony has a new system in place to allow PS5 users to detect and add friends along with their devices in a secondary friend list.

The said friend list will hold the entire profile for each of the added friends, covering game information, PlayStation Store information, the PlayStation Home Screen itself, as well as Internet Movie account information, among others.

Hence, when friends do come over, they just have to select their profiles on your PS5 console to load their entire accounts with all related information. There will be no need to manually enter any passwords or account credentials or the sort. It will be just like playing on their own console back home.

Gamer friend devices can be detected by a gaming console and the gaming console user can be prompted to add the friend devices to a friend list, which automatically logs the friends on to the console without requiring them to manually log in.

Something important to note is that Sony will not be making the new feature mandatory for everyone. The filing clearly points out that players will have to choose for themselves if they want to be discovered by friends and vice versa. They will further have the freedom to choose what information to share with friends and what to not, with the option to back out at any point.

By enabling the feature, players will basically be allowing their data to be loaded and used on other PS5 consoles. That being said, the patent does mention logging players based on their biometrics or PlayStation apps.

Also, something else of interest is that the patented friend list might not be limited to just PlayStation consoles and services. The filing mentions that supported devices may include consoles made by Microsoft and Nintendo as well as other manufacturers, in addition to virtual reality headsets, portable televisions, PC and laptops, and mobile devices.

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