Patcher: Anthem Game Lootboxes Will Be Cosmetic Only, EA Learned Its Lesson

So far as we know that the last year was full of controversies regarding the loot box systems in games like Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Need for Speed Payback, and most notably, Star Wars Battlefront 2. However, an analyst believes that Electronic Arts have learned its lesson regarding the loot box systems.

However, Anthem game loot boxes are said to be different than others, cosmetic items are being added now in loot boxes as per the demands of the players said, Michael Pachter analyst. He stated that EA is looking forward to making changes based on feedback from the community. Star Wars Battlefront 2 had a major impact on Anthem game loot boxes.

So the question remains that will EA screw this like Battlefront? Will they take after Overwatch and Destiny path, where the genuine entertainment is fun to play. Since where they got into an issue with Star Wars was in persuading it to pay to win. Had they restricted themselves to simply restorative things, I don’t figure anybody would have said anything. So Anthem can possibly be Destiny like as far as amusement experience, and Overwatch like in terms as microtransactions offered, where it’s all true and nobody say anything otherwise.

He also noted that EA is busy testing gamers; as far we can tell, EA is indeed testing gamers to see how far back they push them. How much monetization is too much monetization? That’s what EA wants to see.

I think at this moment EA is testing with gamers. Everybody is watching all that they are doing. I don’t think they can afford to put a heavy microtransaction scheme in any game that is going to come in future, they have to earn gamers trust once more. So I trust they are calmed by this experience, and gain from it. In any case, I think they are brilliant folks, so I am certain they will make the best decision.

Battlefront 2 loot boxes were meant to be cosmetic only but someone made a different call. Hopefully, Anthem game loot boxes would be different. Anthem is going to be released this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

What do you think about Anthem game loot boxes? Would be even accepted cosmetic only loot boxes? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GamingBolt

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