How to Pass Time and Rest in Metro Exodus

Imitating real life as closely as possible, Metro Exodus encourages you to make every attempt at survival count, so resting is crucial for maintaining health and strength. Moreover, it’ll also help you pass the day-night cycle so you can venture out at your own desired time. Here’s how you pass time and rest in Metro Exodus.

Pass Time and Rest in Metro Exodus

In Metro Exodus, there are ways through which you can pass the time. Resting can come in handy at many opportunities. Not only does the time pass while you are resting but you also recover your health to the max.

Therefore, we do recommend taking a nap once in a while.

Resting can be done anytime but requires you to unlock at least one Safe House in Russia’s wasteland. If you rest anywhere and not in a safe house time will not pass.

The safe house will be marked at your map as soon as you discover one. Its marker is like a green-colored house and can be easily identified.

After discovering it you can open up the map and fast travel to its location anytime. Once there, all you need to do is to locate the bed and approach it.

Once you approach it and interact with it, you will get a few options to choose from. You can take a drink from your canteen. You can get up and continue your missions and roaming around the wastelands.

Now the actual sleeping options come. You can sleep until daytime or you can sleep until nighttime. You can select any one of the two options for sleeping based on your gameplan.

You can play the missions at daytime when there are low enemies about but you can get spotted easily or you can play the missions during the nighttime when you have to play stealth and sneak past enemies but at nighttime, there will be a lot more enemies and creatures roaming around.

Finally, as I said before, you can heal yourself while resting. If you don’t want to use a Medkit then you rest for a short period of time and you will automatically reach full health another perk of resting in Metro Exodus.

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