Par’Xzi Rumored To Be A New League Of Legends Champion

If rumors are to be believed, Par’Xzi could possibly be the next champion to join the ever-growing playable roster of League of Legends.

According to a now deleted post on Reddit, the new champion is destined to be a jungler and designed as a kind of cross between Ivern and Kha’Zix. Should the leak be legitimate, Par’Xzi has the ability to interact and devour monsters like Ivern, which in turn allows him to evolve like Kha’Zix.

The most interesting (and surprising) part about Par’Xzi though is that he can choose from two dozen different evolutions. Just like how Aphelios can cycle through different weapons for different combinations, Par’Xzi can cycle through different monsters for different abilities and combinations. The following is what the leak claims his evolutionary process to be:

  • Level 1: Par’Xzi can “overtake” Wolves and Raptors after a channel to gain permanent kit based around them (Wolves: he becomes mele, Raptors: he becomes ranged)
  • Level 6: Par’Xzi can “overtake” Krugs, Gromp or Scuttle after a channel, permanently changing his abilities to suit a damage type (Krugs: AD, Gromp: AP, Scuttle: Tank)
  • Level 11: Par’Xzi can “overtake” Brambleback or Sentinel, permanently adding additional effects to his abilities. (Brambleback: more damage, Sentinel: more utility.)
  • Level 16: Par’Xzi can “overtake” Dragon or Baron Nashor (it works like the Eye of the Herald, meaning his team must kill it) permanently adding additional effects to his abilities (Dragon: additional AoE on certain abilities, Baron: additional Singel Target Effectiveness)

Without any official confirmation, it’s best to take the rumor with salt. Par’Xzi is technically not even the next champion inbound for League of Legends. That’s Sett, who hasn’t even been released. If Par’Xzi does exist, logic dictates that his complicated ki will require extensive testing before hitting the live servers. Hence, it would be unsurprising if another champion is being prepped for release after Sett.

2020 is going to be an extremely busy year for Riot Games. The developer is finally ready to go past League of Legends and release more games, most of which are based on the same League of Legends universe. There’s Legends of Runeterra, a free to play collectible card game. There’s an unannounced fighting game as well as a shooting game, alongside plenty of other projects.

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