Paper Mario The Origami King Water Vellumental Shrine Guide

Paper Mario The Origami King Water Vellumental Shrine is the third Blue Streamer Level in Paper Mario. The entire level is divided into different objectives which will be easy to complete if you go through this walkthrough completely.

Paper Mario The Origami King Water Vellumental Shrine

Soon after you enter the shrine, walk over to the safe block and use it. To enter the Vellumental open the dragon’s mouth at the back of the room, next to the block.

Go to the left side and hit the block near the doorway and go inside the room. Rescue the toad by fixing the first hole here. Keep walking through the doorway to enter the next room.

Now that you are in the left side of the shrine, you will be battling against a lot of Origami Sidesteppers.

You can easily avoid them as they only move in two directions or just hit them with your hammer. Use Iron type boots to kill them completely after you have damaged them with the hammer.

Use Shiny Weapons only for initial hits and then finish the enemies off with non-shiny weapons.

When you can find the enemies, press down the R-Stick to enable the bird’s eye view and have a clear sight of the hostiles. You can get help from Olivia and Toads if you press X and Y respectively.

Continue going left, fighting your way up the stairs and then go left to find a broken hole that you need to fix to access the next room.

The next room has the sliding puzzle which can be solved by finding the missing piece on behind the left wall.

Hammer the damaged section of the wall to access the next room and kill the sidestepper coming out.

Behind the wall is a tunnel with a blue sidestepper that moves really fast and has the piece you need.

Stand on the patch next to the wall to break the floor above you and then push it on to the blue sidestepper to flip it over. Hit it with your hammer to kill it and obtain the piece.

Go back to the puzzle and solve it by moving the pieces around until it looks like an image.

Insert the missing piece and let the water flow as you collect the coins. Finally, return to the entrance hall of the shrine.

You will see floating platforms that you can use to reach the right side of the shrine.

On the right side of the hall, hit the block above you to get some coin and fix the bottomless hole have access downstairs.

Go downstairs and fight the sidestepper on your way on the left and obtain Treasure no 37 restaurant fridge.

On the ledge above you will be lots of origami swoops, avoid them and get on the ledge above them to easily hammer them down.

Just past the ledge with the swoops you will see the 4th Bottomless hole which you need to fix.

Next room will have a lot of blocks you can break to get shiny boots and anther collectible treasure.

For now focus on the block in front of you, blocking you way and make your way to left side of the room which will lead you to Treasure N39.

Make your way up using the steps on your right to reach the heart to heal yourself and then go to the next room.

Jump on top of the block here and walk on them to get the fire flower on the blocks to your right. Finally fix the bottomless hole and exit the room through the back wall.

The next room will have a dragon head in the middle which you need to hit to make it cry so that you can have access to next room.

Find your way to the head by going to the back wall and then dropping down on the head. Once the head is broke go to the left area and fix the Not Bottomless hole here too.

Use the new door to enter the next area which has the puzzle which can’t be solved unless you get the missing piece.

Walk to the left corner of the back wall and break the damaged portion down.

Go through the pavement and hammer you way down to the new area with a pond. There will be Origami Cheep Cheeps here which you need to kill which will also reward you with a mushroom.

After killing them all, go the back right corner of the wall and break it down to find the area with the missing piece.

Get the piece and defeat the sidesteppers which will spawn here. Use the steps on the back wall to go up and left to find the Not bottomless hole here, which as soon as you fix, will lead you to the coffee shop.

Go through the shop and reach the next area by hammering the wall down.

Go right to fix the Not Bottomless hole for the 9th time. Keep going till you reach the wall. Break it down to access the puzzle console.

Solve the puzzle to make the water flow and finally insert the missing piece in the top right corner.

The curve pieces have to be on the middle of left side of the puzzle. Once the water starts flowing, collect the coins and use the wrap pipe appeared on the left side of the room to exit.

Now you are back in the Entrance hall and you must ready yourself for the boss fight.

Equip time, guard and heart plus before you even consider going onto the Vellumental fight.

Surely the Origami King is a really difficult boss to beat but its possible if you equip yourself accordingly.

As soon as you reach the center the Water Vellumental will appear as a big blue Origami dragon.

The ring will appear with battle icons. You will need to go over the ON icons to activate the magic circles. There 1000 Fold arms Magic circle and earth Vellumental circles.

Look for the water sprouts are they are the unavoidable defenses of the boss and they will wash away any icon that come in their way. Ensure that none of the icons are in the way so time your move appropriately.

When the dragon in flying your 1000 Fold arms ability is just useless. You won’t be able to hit it with your hammer either.

When the dragon is airborne, use the shiny boots ability with attack icon to get on top of it and bring it down.

Try to use the blue attack icons. Use shiny boots for the first attack and then the shiny hammer one.

Once the beast is on the ground unleash all your abilities on it. The 1000 Fold arm ability won’t work unless you reactive it by walking over the ON button in the next round.

Eventually, the dragon will absorb so much water that you will see water swirling around its body.

The dragon is preparing for its ultimate attack, the Mega wave. This will deal an explosive damage of 35 and the only way to avoid is by using Vellumental ability!

Also, make sure none of your attack icons are in the water sprouts way and Magic circles are activated.

After the Mega wave is finished the dragon will be weakened up and this is when your 1000 Fold arms come in handy.

Use this ability now and you will be able to deal the most damage to the dragon. Press Y to call the toads for help as they will place the attack icons such a way that it will be easier for you to deal with the dragon.

After the Vellumental is defeated, Olivia will regain her ability and the shrine will once again have a supply of water.  Exit the Shrine and Return to Autumn Mountain.