Paper Mario The Origami King Water Vellumental Boss Guide

Our Paper Mario The Origami King Water Vellumental Boss Guide is an out and out look-over on everything you need to know about this boss fight including some of the Water Vellumental Boss’s special attacks and how you can counter them.

Paper Mario The Origami King Water Vellumental Boss

You will encounter in the 3rd Boss Fight of the game at the Water Vellumental Shrine.

Water Vellumental is basically a dragon and the fact that it can carry out attacks from both on the ground and when in the air means that you have to show a bit of versatility if you wish to beat it.

Below, we have compiled some tips and tricks on how you can do just that!

Water Vellumental Boss Fight

To begin with, you should know that during the course of the battle, for each turn, you will have only 60 seconds to make a move and you can shift your rings 3 times.

Water Vellumental can summon its Waterspouts on the panels as a result of which all the panels in front of these Waterspouts are rendered useless.

So, you must be ready to plan your attacks without these panels.

Since Water Vellumental is a dragon, it’s quite obvious that it will use its ability to fly to its advantage.

When it is up in the air, bring it down by using some kind of boots’ attack like Shiny boots and then hit it with a hammer to damage it.

Water Vellumental’s most destructive attack is the Big Wave attack. It happens when it fills its belly with so much water that it seems ‘waterlogged’.

Then, it throws up all of this tremendous amount of water towards you in a splash, giving you absolutely no way to run to.

To counter this attack, you can use the Earth Vellumental Power up your sleeve to summon the Earth Vellumental by stepping on the green Magic Circle and hitting the ON switch.

The Earth Vellumental will create an elevated slab of rock for you to stand on until the Big Wave’s effect has worn off.

After this attack, when the Water Vellumental is fully drained, exploit it’s weakened state by using the 1000 Fold-arms ability to deal a considerable amount of damage. You can do this by hitting the ON switch and by landing on the 1000 Fold-arms Magic Circle.

Victory against Water Vellumental will grant 1440 coins and a Blue Bibliofold.

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