Paper Mario The Origami King Toad Town Guide

Toad Town is all about defeating Goombas, collecting things and filling holes. Paper Mario The Origami King Toad Town is quite full of fun and adventure if you have a good appetite for exploring and doing minor tasks with persistence.

This guide is a complete walkthrough of the Toad Town area in Paper Mario The Origami King and covers all the main mission objectives and collectibles.

Paper Mario The Origami King Toad Town

The first task you need to do after leaving the Whispering Woods area is to fill in the first hole you see. Go ahead further then and you will come across a group of Goombas.

You will have to survive two waves of these enemies and you will learn the Sliding Mechanic during the battle from Olivia.

Once you have defeated both of the waves of Goombas, go ahead further and take a gander at the Toad Town from a distance. There is a hole underneath a block nearby.

Fill the hole and then fill another two holes just before the bridge to the Toad Town. You may would want to collect a Confetti Bag too which is to the right of the bridge.

Now as you step into the premises of Toad Town, you will be greeted by a giant Goomba. Its weak spot is on its back, so keep attacking the spot until its nothing but Confetti. Save the game at this point if you want.

Now there is a lot of action and collection from this point forward. Moving in a clockwise direction for your own ease. Walk around to building and repair the door to get inside.

Now as the door will be blocked ahead, hit the shelf to make your way up to the window to get outside where you will witness another Goomba. Hit its weak spot and defeat it like the previous one.

Now get back to the main path and then turn right to step down the stairs. You will be ambushed by another Goomba here.

Take it down and then fill the hole on the shed. You may would want to search for a closet inside the house to find the Paper Goombas.

Head to the Peach Castle then and you will find the bridge collapsed. Get to the door of the watermill house and yank the red shy guy away.

You will need to pop open the sewer here but before that, you need to find a hook to get it opened. So, in order to find the hook, return to the previous shy guy and he’ll tell you about the red building.

So, go down further after it and enter the first house across the street. Pop the shelf open by hitting it with your hammer in order to get to the block.

The green warp pipes here will let you travel across the town quickly.

Now come out and fill the two holes in front of the two stories building. Head inside the building then and repair the first hole which is on the first floor.

If you explore the house, you will find confetti and a wrapped up Goomba ready for fight.

Go outside then and you will see an umbrella which can be hit and opened to reveal a magic circle.

Now climb up the roof of the coffee shop using the small blocks by the wall and then hop onto umbrella to jump onto the next balcony.

There will be a Goomba at the top to rescue a yellow snifit. It will give you a collectible then.

Now get inside the coffee shop and talk to the blue snifit. Enjoy your first free drink from him and then get to the save black.

You have to take down another Goomba here. There will be a hole to fill in near the dried up fountain. Get to the red building then and defeat the Goomba.

There is a hole on the red building to be filled. Explore the building then and you will find 100 coins, a hidden block featuring a single coin, a box in the shelf which will reveal the magic circle if hit. Finally, pull back the fake wall to reveal a hidden door.

Get to the next room now and you will see two Goombas here. You can either defeat or ignore them. Destroy the crates then and hit the green lift to bring it to the right.

Climb it up to reach the block on the right. You can then access the Manhole hook and Mushroom on the left. Go outside through the window afterwards.

Head further and fill in the hole in front of the museum. Pretty much everything is done now so head back to the sewer entrance and use the Manhole Hook to open it up to unlock Graffiti Underground.

Toad Town Collectible Locations

Holes Locations
There are total of 16 holes with bottoms in the Toad Town. The locations of these all are:

Exit through the Whispering Woods and you will find it.

Near the exit of the Whispering Woods where you fight the Goombas

Get past the overlook of the town and you will find in on a step underneath the block

Just before the Toad Town entrance bridge on a cliff.

To the left of the town entrance bridge

The hole which giant Goomba will chew open in front of a house


Get to the left side of the town and you will find it on top of the stairs

Where you repair the door of the building

In front of the house to the left where you fight a Goomba

Opposite to the two stories building

Walk underneath the balcony to the left of the two stories building and you will find it

Get to the first floor of the two stories building to find it

Head outside the building and get to the fountain to fill this hole

In front of the Red Building on the right side of the town after you repair the door

The big ol’hole in front of the museum.

Get to the Accessories shop and to the first floor to find the hole.

Collectible Treasures Locations
There are 11 treasures scattered across Toad Town

In the tunnel to the left of the red toad house.

In the back of the inside of second house on the left from the main plaza with green origami.

Get it from the yellow sniffit in the two stories building

Defeat the colored pencils and then talk to Montly Mole to purchase it from him for 698 coins

Defeat rubber band and then talk to Montly Mole to purchase it from him for 398 coins

Defeat hole punch and then talk to Montly Mole to purchase it from him for 798 coins

Defeat Tape and then talk to Montly Mole to purchase it from him.

Defeat Scissor and then talk to Montly Mole to purchase it from him.

Defeat Stapler and then talk to Montly Mole to purchase it from him.

Save the yellow Toad stuck on the entry arch in Shroom City and then get to the once locked room in the two stories building to get the treasure

When you see a Green Toad entering the building next to sewer entrance, go and talk to him to get this treasure

Blocks Locations
There are a total of 9 Blocks in Toad Town which contain either coins of confetti bags or coins

Past the overlook on the step above a hole.

Before the entrance bridge of Toad Town, to the right.

Between the Green and Blue origami house.

Next to a warp pipe in the lower left end of the Toad Town.

In the house to the right of the castle bridge entrance. Hit the shelf to reveal it.

Inside the red building to the right of the town. Hit the square dent to reveal it.

In the second room of the red building on the shelf. You can reach it by hitting the green roller to move to the right for climbing it up.

Down the stairs to the left side of the red building.

Get to the left side of the Peach Castle area and you will see it.