Paper Mario The Origami King Tips and Tricks

Starting out in the new Paper Mario game can be a confusing experience where any measure of tips and tricks will go a long way in helping players get their bearings straight and make their Paper Mario experience better. In our Paper Mario The Origami King Tips guide, we will tell you all about battles and all trips and tricks and will help you get through the game.

Paper Mario The Origami King Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get through the game:

Basic Tips

  • Most of the weapons will break if you use them multiple times.
  • Spiked enemies can be dealt with an extra pair of iron-type boots.
  • Accessories can help you a great deal in battles so you must equip yourselves with necessary accessories.
  • Don’t forget to replace the broken weapons before going to the battle. Also, add new weapons to get through the battle easily.
  • Always keep your health level full.
  • You can recharge your health by eating mushrooms, by the cheering of Toads and by resting on benches.
  • Try to hit each and everything while moving to get coins, Toads, and other rewards.
  • Try to buy every new necessary that you can because that way you can discover everything that Paper Mario The Origami King has to offer.
  • Announcements about new gear are always made through the game’s Tannoy system.
  • You cannot discover each and everything in a certain area for the first time. You must equip yourselves with appropriate weapons and tools and then come back later in the game to discover each and everything.

Movement Tips

  • To win combats, you have to pay very close attention to the movement of your enemies.
  • Arrange them in a line of four enemies or in a 2×2 stack so that you can stomp them or smash them with your hammer.
  • Use Toads to help you arrange your enemies during the battle.

Battle Tips

  • You can call Toads for your help especially if you are having difficulties in arranging your enemies.
  • Toads can heal you, arrange your enemies in better positions, or by inflicting damage to your enemies by throwing stuff at them during the battles.
  • You can buy 1 second of Time for 10 coins multiple times during the battle
  • Don’t depend on the weapons’ auto-target feature when there are multiple line-ups with stronger enemies.
  • You must learn the number of hits each enemy takes to go down.
  • Always prefer your regular boots and hammer to kill your enemies if you know that they can do the job for you.
  • Timing is really important in Paper Mario The Origami King. Timing your attack will inflict more damage to your enemy.
  • If you are low on health during the battle, you can heal yourself instead of attacking.

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