Paper Mario The Origami King Tape Boss Guide

Tape is the final boss that you have to face in the Purple Streamer section. Paper Mario The Origami King Tape Boss is also the fourth stationary boss you encounter in this game.

You’ll face Tape in the Sea Tower just before you’re about to take the streamer out of the picture. Below is the complete guide on how to finish the Tape Boss Fight by using the right attacks.

Paper Mario The Origami King Tape Boss

The total time given on each turn is 60 seconds with the ability to move the ring 3 times per act. The boss will have two phases.

Tape will be contained in its case in the first phase and run wild in the second phase.

Focus on hitting the boss with your Hammer on your first four attacks. His case will break after hitting your fourth shot and the second phase will begin.

In the second phase, don’t use your normal weapons to attack. To damage the boss, use 1000 Fold Arms. This will help you to weaken Tape.

He will sometimes start spinning rapidly in place. At this point, the 1000 Fold Arms won’t work. You’ll have to use the Fire Vellumental attack.

Tape will lay down a bunch of tape on the field to block your path. These tapes also help him in restoring his health. You’ll have to act fast and use the fire attack to burn these tapes on the ground.

If you’re running low on health, you can pay the Toads sitting in the audience to heal you.

This is all to know about the Tape Boss Fight. Finishing this boss fight will complete the Purple Screamer section.

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