Paper Mario The Origami King Sumo Bros Boss Guide

On your way to Bowser’s castle, you’ll have to face Sumo Bro and his little Sumo brothers. Paper Mario The Origami King Sumo Bros Boss uses his feet to stomp the ground and create lightning waves that can block your path.

Read this guide to know what to expect from this boss fight before you face him and what type of attacks to use to defeat Sumo Bro and his little brothers.

Paper Mario The Origami King Sumo Bros Boss

In this boss fight, you’ll get 60 seconds to act per turn. You can move the ring 3 times on each turn and there will be 2 phases.

The Sumo Bro will spawn with his little brothers who will take the important panels away.

Defeat the little Sumo Bros first with your Hammer and take the panels like “On” and Vellumental Panels back.

Sumo Bro will be standing on his cloud with his little brothers. Take the little ones out to destroy his cloud and bring him back on the ground. The little Sumo Bros can be easily defeated by using the Earth Vellumental summon.

Sumo Bro can create thunder waves on the path to block your route. If struck by the thunder, Mario will be electrified and won’t be able to attack. Choose the arrows wisely to create a path that avoids the thunder.

Fire is a very deadly weapon that can weaken Sumo Bro. It only takes one Fire Vellumental attack to defeat Sumo Boss. So make sure to use it on Sumo Bro.

After defeating Sumo Bro, you’ll be able to enter Bowser’s castle and progress further in the story.

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