Paper Mario The Origami King Stapler Boss Guide

In this Paper Mario The Origami King Stapler Boss guide, we will tell you about the Stapler Boss and all the tips and tricks that you need to know in order to defeat the Stapler Boss. It can be a little tricky at times but don’t worry, let’s get started.

Paper Mario The Origami King Stapler Boss

Stapler Boss’s actual name is the Fanged Fastener Stapler Pencils. Before facing King Olly in the battle, you will face the Stapler Boss in Origami Castle.

Stapler has folded Bowser but after defeating the Stapler Boss, Bowser will return back to its original shape.

Battle With Stapler Boss
You will have 60 seconds to move your rings 3 times per each turn so choose your rotations wisely.

You will see arrows of different directions on rings. You have to rotate the rings to arrange arrows in such a way that you can go to your desired location.

There will be an arm switch which can be powered on by stepping on the green “ON” button.

As a result, 1000 Fold Arms will be activated that you can use to slam the Stapler Boss multiple times. It will cause a great deal of damage to the Stapler Boss.

Stapler Boss has three kinds of Staples. One of them is regular staples and the others are Red and Golden staples.

Red staples are more dangerous than the regular ones and Golden staples are the most dangerous ones.

Blocking the attacks of your enemy will reduce the amount of damage you get. So always block.

Your first priority must always be to attack the stapler with 1000 Fold arms because of the amount of damage they induce on the Stapler Boss.

If you somehow can’t attack with 1000 Fold arms, then you can also attack with different kinds of Boots and Hammer.

At the start, the Stapler Boss will have regular staples. Once the boss is out of regular staples, it will reload with the red staples.

Once it is out of red staples, it will reload with the golden staples, and don’t forget to keep count of the staples the Stapler Boss has.

The Stapler will open its mouth every time it is out of staples. This is the time when it is the most vulnerable.

Attack him with 1000 Fold arms or any kind of Hammer or Boots. If you attack with a hammer, it will only take out 1 staple while the jump attack takes out 4 staples.

There is a pattern in the Stapler’s attacks. If you are close to it, it will pin you down multiple times.

As a result, you won’t be able to move. Then it will use the Staple Gun to fire multiple staples at you.

If you are far from the Stapler, it will use Staple Gun only thus resulting in using more staple guns.

It will make the Stapler Boss reload faster and as you know the Stapler Boss is most vulnerable when he is reloading. So, attack him while he is vulnerable.

You will most likely defeat the Stapler Boss before it runs out of Golden staples

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