Paper Mario The Origami King Spring of Jungle Mist Guide

In this Paper Mario The Origami King Spring of Jungle Mist Guide, we have the complete walkthrough of the Spring of Jungle Mist for you. We will also list the different collectibles that can be found throughout the Spring of Jungle Mist, helping you reach 100% game completion.

Paper Mario The Origami King Spring of Jungle Mist

After you reach the broken bridge, go to the tunnel located west of the bridge. Keep moving until you reach a curve path that will take you to a fork in the road.

Head west towards Kamek. Another divide in the road will come soon. Now move east following Kamek.

Keep following the curvy path until you reach the area full of Piranha Plants. Attack the one with a Magic Circle to start a ring battle.

After making it through the battle, a Magic Circle will appear on a tree stump. Use 1000-Fold Arms to peel off a tree trunk, revealing steps to an upper level.

Use the steps to move to the upper level.

Now, move east and jump to the bridge. Keep moving west and follow Kamek. Beware, as if you move towards the wrong direction, you will fail and will get a game over prompt. So be sure to save your game at small intervals.

While on your way, you will be attacked by a Chain Chomp who will start chasing you. Run away from it until it gets stuck in the tree roots.

Move east up the steps to reach the other side of the broken bridge.

Now, head towards the giant tree. There, flip the leaf at the southeast part of the tree.

Go around the corner to the northeast to find a step, allowing you to reach the leaf to the northwest. Flipping both leaves will reveal a Magic Circle.

Lower the hanging ladder by using 1000-Fold Arms. Climb up the ladder to reach a path twisted around the tree.

Move west to find another ladder. Climb it and then head east. Follow Kamek who is running towards east.

A Chain Chomp will appear from below and start chasing you. Find and climb the next ladder to escape it.

Another Chain Chomp will appear on this level and start chasing you. Keep running west until you reach the end path where you will find a swing.

Press A to swing to the Spring of Jungle Mist. Here, talk to the Shangri-Spa Toad who will tell you that the hot spring is out of order and he needs someone to finds the plug for the hot spring’s drain. Move west to find a path behind the tree.

Here, head west and pull down on the tree to make a magic circle appear. Hit the drain plug off the tree and into the hot spring’s drain by using 1000-Fold Arms move.

Now go to the drain plug and hammer it or jump on it until its all the way in.

Now soak yourself and Bowser Jr. in the hot spring. After that, get your card stamped blue.

Now move southwest to get thrown off by the Spike to return to the Spring of Jungle Mist entrance. Exit back to the center fountain.

Return to the lobby and talk to the attendant to receive the Spring of Rainbows – VIP card! This will be the end of the mission.

Collectible Locations

Treasure #1: Bowser Jr.
This treasure can be found at the first 2 forks in the road. Follow Kamek to the hidden area find it.

Treasure #2: Sweet Sap Loggins
This treasure is present in the tree stump after you peel it open with 1000-Fold Arms.

Treasure #3: Stamp Booth
Treasure Chest is located at the upper-level root, at the base of the giant tree.

Treasure #4: Kamek
Treasure Chest is present to the west after you climb the first 2 ladders of the giant tree.

Shangri-Spa Toad
Take the narrow path behind the building with the front desk and proceed to the end. Find the Sensor Lab and rescue the Toad.

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