Paper Mario The Origami King Shroom City Guide

In this Paper Mario The Origami King Shroom City guide we will help you not you through the main objectives of the mission but to also let you find every Non-Bottomless hole, Toad, Block and Treasure.

Shroom city is surely a sigh of joy after your journey through the barren desert. That’s not the only joy the city has as you can also collect some valuable collectibles here.

Paper Mario The Origami King Shroom City

The main objectives of Shroom City are quite simple and can be easily completed. The real hustle is getting all the collectibles which have been briefly described in this guide.

As soon as you enter the main city go to the far north side to find the Royal Hotel and enter the hotel.

Once inside, go through the north door and talk to the receptionist here to get Professor Toad Key.

Go to the 2nd floor of the hotel to enter the Professor’s room which a snifit will try to stop you from. The snifit will lead you to a different room instead.

Go back to the first floor and find the door on your east. Use the keys to open this door.

Head inside to see the Professor’s Journal then head back to the attendant and talk to it. You will be given the Sun Incense here.

Leave Snif City and from Scorching Sand Paper Minor and go back South to the Scorching Sand Paper desert to finish the quest.

To get every collectible in the Snif city refer to the following text.

Toads Location

  1. To find the first toad, Walk around the first building in town and go behind it near the corner with the Save Block. Once you get to the to you will see a golden toad on the tower. Whack it off.
  2. For the second toad The Snifit on the seesaw needs to go flying. Go to the building by walking around the back and jump down onto the seesaw to launch the Snifit. This will drop down a yellow Toad.
  3. Walk along the edge of the pond until you see two wooden crates that you must destroy to break out a rolled-up Yellow Toad in the wall behind.
  4. The fourth toad is at the end of the path along the lake. It’s yellow in color you can see it easily.
  5. For the fifth toad, get on the tent on the two crates. Use the hidden block there you can use to reach the area above. Whack the toad down on the nearby pam tree.
  6. Smash the lower light shining on the hotel sign can be smashed to reveal a folded Yellow Toad.
  7. Hit the DJ Toad’s Groovy Sound Discs sign on the building with three doors. Hit it to reveal a crumpled Toad.
  8. For the eight Toad, Enter the middle door to find the DJ shop. Use the counter to reach the top of the boxes on the right to whack the Toad on the shelf.
  9. Shut off the fountain in the hotel pool and talk to the Snifit to make him get off the pizza looking Toad.
  10. Enter the gate on the right from the pool and break the two crates in the southern portion of the room. Enter the new area and whack the toad out from between the crates.
  11. Whack the luggage cart to the right to save the crushed Toad underneath, right after entering the main lobby
  12. Enter the first-floor hallway on the right and smack the vase at the end to reveal a yellow bug Toad which is the 12th
  13. To find the 13th toad, save Luigi from the map and walk inside the booth from the left side to use it to reach the crates on the left side of the hotel. Smash them to reveal a bug Toad.
  14. Return to Shroom City, find the Crates that were previously blocking the backside of the Accessories Shop on the left. Walk back there to find a stack of ten Toads

Non-Bottomless Holes Location

The first toad is right in front of the desert help kiosk. Reach the kiosk to fix the hole here. The second hole is in front of the building with three doors.

To find the third one, enter the right side hallway of the main room and then enter the last room in this hallway to find the hole. The fourth hole is in the last room of left-side hallway.

Collectible treasures location

Treasure # 65: After Saving the Toad stuck inside the sign above the building with three doors, enter the Shop to purchase the first treasure for 16,800 coins.

Treasure # 66: Enter the DJ Shop and look for the hole in the broken wall on the left. Punch I to go to the last room where you can grab the treasure chest on top of the crates.

Treasure # 67: To find this treasure enter the left side hallway on the first floor and enter the first room. This room will only be open if you got the Snifit off the fountain in the pool.

Treasure # 68: Go up to the area past the broken steps near the hotel with professor toad. Look for the small patch of grass in front of the two barrels and Dig there to discover the treasure.

Treasure # 69: After having access to the suite, enter the bedroom and open the chest to find this treasure.

Treasure # 70: For the last treasure, return to Shroom City and the head for the magic lamp scam tent. Speak with the Toad there to get the collectible treasure.

Blocks Location

  1. The first block can be found if you enter the right door of the first building in town. The hidden block is holding Ice Flower above the desk.
  2. Walk along the edge of the pond until you reach the end. Look behind blue tent and the two small crates to find the hidden block there.
  3. Walk up the first set of stairs in town on the left side to find the block here which contains 100-Coin
  4. Go to the right side of the stairs to find a hidden block here which also contains 100-Coin
  5. Use the hidden block by the stairs to reach the upper area and walk round to the top of the building where a second is which contains the POW block.
  6. Enter the gate on the right as soon as you reach the pool. Use the small crates with the Snifit to get on top of the shelves. Jump through the first window. Once outside, hit the block to reveal a Coin Bag.
  7. Enter the bedroom upon having access to the suite and step onto the left mini desk to reveal a hidden block with a Shiny Mushroom by jumping on it