Paper Mario The Origami King Shogun Studios Guide

Shogun Studios is a blue streamer map that you unlock after filling the lake at Autumn Mountain and riding the boat through Eddy River. In this Paper Mario The Origami King Shogun Studios walkthrough, we will cover every step of the way through Shotgun Studios and every collectible that you can find.

Paper Mario The Origami King Shogun Studios

You need to purchase an Entry Pass from the machine next to the gate in order to enter. The Royalty pass costs for 9,800 coins and is the key to collecting all hidden things in Shogun Studios.

Hidden Question Block
Head right from the vending machine and jump between the two lanterns on the perch to find a hidden Question Block that has a Fire Hammer in it.

Toad Rescue
You will find an origami heart to the right of the blue Warp Pipe. Hit it with your hammer to rescue the Toad and he will be available later in in Toad Town, next to the red-brick building. He will help you recover HP.

Inside Shogun Studios

This area has a bunch of lanterns on the street and inside accessible buildings that you can hit with your hammer in order to get some coins.

Enter the park via the right lane of the gate by presenting your Royalty Pass. Cross the bridge and make your way down the main street. A Goomba will ask you to follow it through an alley and it will lead you to a group of folks sitting at a table.

Hidden Question Block
Speaking with the group and then go hit the Block in the top corner of this place. It contains Tail.

Main Street

After you’ve met with the group, head right to get back to the main street and then make your way to the Information Center. There will be an intersection by the Souvenir Shops that has a bunch of Origami Snifits. You must take them all out.

We recommend taking them out as quickly as you can in order to prevent them from calling in reinforcements. You can deal maximum damage with a lineup bonus and by using a Shiny-type weapon first before finishing the enemy off with your regular one.

Collectible Treasure
There is a chest in the Information Center that you can access with your Royalty Pass to collect the Downriver Tour Boat.

Toad Rescue
Go inside the building at the front-left corner of the intersection. Use your Hammer to hit the red origami fan that is on top of the drawers to rescue the Toad.

Shogun Accessories Shop
Head down the street to the left. You will spot a Toad that is the Accessories Shop owner at Shogun Studios. You can talk to him if you wish to purchase a Petal Bag for 5,000 coins. This item turns your confetti into cherry blossom petals.

Area A

Not-Bottomless Hole
Follow the street to the left and you will find this secret on the first door of the small building. Fix it so that you can enter the building.

Toad Rescue
You can actually rescue multiple Toads in this area. When you enter the previously mentioned building, you can hit the origami flower in the back-right corner of the room to save one Toad.

If you head to the building that is left of the previous one, you will find an origami Shy Guy who is going around messing with the small drawers at the back wall. Stop him and then hammer the drawers to release 3 Toads. Hammer all three to rescue them.

Now make your way to the building on the left side of this area and then hit the zabuton that is inside. You will find it on the back-left side of the table. Then hit the origami cat that comes out there to rescue another Toad.

Area B

Head down the street to your right to enter this area. You’ll have to take out two origami Shy Guys that are guarding the gate.

Toad Rescue
As soon as you’re one dealing with the origami Shy Guys, hammer the lantern to the right to rescue a Toad.

Not-Bottomless Holes
You should fix the two holes on the ground at the right side of the area. This will open access to the Tea House.

Tea House and Petting Zoo

You can find a bunch of hidden things between the Tea House and the Petting Zoo.

Not-Bottomless Holes
These are on the ground between the two locations. There are two of them that you can fix with your confetti.

Head inside the Tea House and talk to the Shy Guy in the back-right corner of the room. This will start a trading event in which he gives you a Straw, and eventually you will obtain the Master Key.

Collectible Treasure
Use the Royalty Pass to access the chest behind the Shy Guy that contains Chestnuts.

Toad Rescue
You will spot a zabuton inside the Teahouse on the left side of the room. Hit it with you hammer to rescue a Toad and then step outside. There is an umbrella on the bottom-left table in front of the Tea House. Hit it with a hammer to release another Toad.

Now head towards the direction of the Ninja House. There is an origami dog there barking at Princess and you must hammer it to rescue yet another Toad.

The Big Sho’ Theater

Go back to the main intersection and follow the street towards the foreground until you reach the Big Sho’ Theater at the center to the back of the park.

Make your way across the bridge and you will realize that you need to find a key hidden in the park in order to unlock the front gate.

You will have to go back to find it. Before you do, there is something you should check out.

Toad Rescue
Enter the building on the right side of the main street that has a Blue colored roof and then swing your hammer at the hat that is hanging on the right wall to rescue a Toad.

Head back over the bridge to return to the rest of the park. Use your hammer to rescue another Toad to the right of the bridge. This Toad will inform you that the staff room is where you should be searching for the key.

Hidden Question Block
Move along the street to the right side of the park and you will find a Block that you can hit to collect some coins. It is easy to find since it is directly right to the Save Block.

Area C

Toad Rescue
Eventually street that you are on will reach a point where it forms a Z shape with a fence alongside it. You will spot 3 three potted plants in front of the fence and an origami dragonfly next to the them. Hammer it to rescue some more Toads.

Not-Bottomless Hole
Eventually you will reach this area’s courtyard. It is to the left of the previous Toad, and there you will find a hole in the ground that you need to fix.

Origami Snifits Battle
When you reach the end of the Z turn, you’ll have to fight the origami Snifits that guard the gate to Area C. Just follow our earlier advice on how to defeat them quickly and you should do fine.

You will then spot a couple of potted plants next to the gate. These contain a Mushroom so be sure to Hammer them before passing through the gate to enter Area C.

Not-Bottomless Hole and Toad Rescue
Immediately after entering Area C, you will find a hole to fix. Get that done and then make your way to the second lantern to hit it with your Hammer and bring forth a Magic Circle. Stand on it while using the 1,000-Fold Arms to get to the lantern above and hit it to rescue the Toad.

Then head to the back-left corner of the courtyard and jump on the crates there to reach the small ledge in front of the building. You can rescue another toad by hammering the lantern there.

Speak To The Ninji

You can’t unlock the main building without the master key so talk with the Ninji that is next to the pool in the courtyard and trade the Straw for the Shuriken.

Hidden Question Block
Now climb onto the large crate at the bottom-left of the courtyard. Jump from the largest crate to the Block that has an Ice Hammer in it.

Now exit Area C by hopping the fence and follow the street to the right to get to the next area which contains the staffroom.

Area D

Hidden Question Block
Right before you get to Area D; you should head towards the short barrel that has short picket fences around it. Get on top it, and then jump to hit the hidden Block carrying a Tail item.

Not-Bottomless Holes
Two holes need to be fixed near the end of the street. You will now be in front of Area D.

Toad Rescue
You can spot an origami dragonfly near the fence so go over there and Hammer it to rescue a Toad.

Staff Room Entrance

Go to the bamboo fence with the fake hedges behind it and you will spot a hidden door that leads into the courtyard. Go through it to get to the Staff Room.

Not-Bottomless Hole
After passing through the door, fix the hole in the center of the courtyard.

Collectible Treasure
At the top-left corner of the courtyard, you will find the Relaxing Bench just hidden behind some leaves.

Staff Room

Once you’re at the Staff room, you need to rescue four different Toads to go forward.

Toad Rescue
You will find a folded Toad on top of the first cabinet on the left side of the room. Free with it by hitting it with a Hammer and then make your way to the the back-left corner of the room. There is a locker you need to open on the left to rescue another Toad. This one operates the Shuriken Dojo.

Hammer the trash can next to the lockers and you will find another Toad. Head to the Goomba mask on the shelf at the right wall and then press and hold A to pull the Toad out of its mouth. You can collect all 3 of these masks now.

Head to The Shuriken Dojo

Move along to the left on the street towards the Save Block. Go tear off the tape blocking the gate to Area B along the way.

Not-Bottomless Hole
After reaching the intersection of the main street by the theater, you must enter the alleyway on the left. Fix the hole on the wall by the alleyway and then proceed to the front-left corner of the courtyard to collect a 100-coin.

Collectible Treasure
There are some boxes behind where you acquired the 100-coin. Climb the highest one and collect the black and white origami shuriken.

Shuriken Challenge
Visit the Shuriken Dojo and speak with the Toad behind the counter. Give him the shuriken you got from earlier from the Ninji. Practice with the mechanics of this challenge. Don’t worry. The Royal Pass allows you to try this as many times as you want for free.

Once you’ve gotten enough practice, you need to successfully get through the Normal mode in order to move forward. This mode requires you to score 21 points within one minute. Successful completion rewards you with the autographed Baseball which you will late need to trade.

Collectible Treasure
Completing the challenge in Expert mode is optional and requires you to score 80 points or more within the time limit. Successful completion rewards you with the Paper Mache Koopa Troopa. Completing this mode with a score of 100 points earns you the Shuriken Master trophy when you speak with the Museum curator.

The Photo Studio

Exit the dojo by jumping onto the boxes on the left side of the courtyard. You will then be able to reach the Photo Studio.

Not-Bottomless Hole
Head to the closed off alleyway on the left side of the studio. And walk into the alley to find and fix the hole. Once that’s done, head to the fence in the back to listen to the conversation between the origami soldiers.

Toad Rescue
Head inside the Photo Studio and hit the photo frame on the left wall to rescue a Toad.

You can also enter the building on the right side of the alleyway and hit the ash in the middle of the room with your hammer to get quite a few coins. In the same building, you can in the front-right corne of the oom. IT is stuck inside some clothes.

Collectible Treasure
In the previously mentioned building, you can use your Royalty Pass to open the chest and collect the Water Vellumental’s Wheel.

The Rooftops

You can use the cart in the alley to get to the rooftops of the buildings around you and cross over to the roof of the Photo Studio.

Toad Rescue
Use your hammer on the sign to the right of the Photo Studio’s roof and rescue the Toad.

Not-Bottomless Hole
Use the cart in the alleyway to get to the ledge and then move forward until you reach a corner. Stay left to find the hole on the wall of the building on the left. Fix it and then hop the fence to enter the Lookout Tower.

Paper Macho Koopa Troopa
Climb up the ladder at the back-left corner of the Tower’s room to reach the top floor. Ring the bell with your hammer to wake up the paper macho Koopa Troopa. This will lead to it stepping out onto the street in front of the Photo Studio.

When you decide to head outside, you’ll need to take down the Koopa Troopa by destroying the seal behind it and hammering the enemy three times.

Toad Rescue
Hit the bell approximately 30 times in a row to release a Toad and then hammer the Toad. Sometimes you may need to defeat the Koopa Troopa in order to perform this rescue.

Head to the ground floor and take down the origami Goombas to rescue another Toad.

Once that’s dealt with, you must tear off the tape from the door to leave the tower. Then also tear off the tape from the gate in front of the Photo Studio so that you can access Area A. Now head back to Area B.

Back to Area B

Go through the gate in Area B that was blocked by origami soldiers.

Not-Bottomless Holes
There are two holes on the left side of the street that you should fix and one on the ground on the right side of the street that you should ignore for now. Then, enter the building using the farthest-right door.

Toad Rescue
You can rescue the Toads from the barrels by Hammering the origami grasshopper, scarab, butterfly and bonsai tree.

Once all the Toads have been rescued from the room, jump on top of the drawers in the back and then hammer the left wall to get to the next room.

You will have to fight origami Shy Guy after the Toad rescue to exit through the front door.

Hidden Question Block /Toad Rescue
Go through the the last door on the left and you’ll find yourself the last room of the building. Hammer at the floor in the back-right corner to find the block containing a coin. Jump on the same block to hit the origami flower and rescue the Toad.

Trade the Baseball for the Bone

Leave the and head to the backyard where you’ll find two Dry Bones playing catch. One them can trade a bone for your baseball.

Bring the Bone to Princess

Head back to the Petting Zoo and go towards the food bowl on the ground to the right of the Petting Zoo sign. Select the Bone to get Princess out of the way of your path and also earn a MAX UP Heart +20.

Toad Rescue
Head to the stable and use your hammer on the origami bug that will fall from the ceiling in order to save the Toad. Now you will have the ability to fish in Shogun Studios!

The Ninja Attraction

With Princess no longer blocking your path, you can access the way to the Ninja Attraction.

Not-Bottomless Holes/ Question Blocks
Two holes can be found on the street between the Petting Zoo and the Ninja Attraction. Fix them to cross the bridge and then tear off the tape that was separating preventing this bridge from taking you to Area C.

After taking care of the Koopa Troopas in front of the attraction, you should hit the block to get the Shiny Boots. There is another hole to fix to the right of this Block.

Keep right until you will come across yet another hole. Then finally enter the Ninja Attraction.

Getting the Master Key

Use the newly unlocked bridge to enter Area C.

Toad Rescue
Head inside the first building on the right side of the courtyard and use your Hammer on the ash in the middle of the room to rescue 3 Toads. Go behind the pool and unlock it with the Master Key.

Collectible Treasure
Head inside the porch and open the chest on the right to collect the Canned-Food Par-tay Trio.

Not-Bottomless Hole
Head to the left side of the porch and fix the hole on the wall of the building to turn on the Sensor Lab’s Shogun Studios Satellite Office.

Toad Rescue
Head inside the satellite office and then press and hold A to save the Toad from inside the fax machine.

Now you must leave Area C and go along the street to get to the left side of the park. You will soon reach the House of Riddles but for now you must enter the building that is directly before its entrance. Smash all the lanterns inside to rescue the Toads.

Hidden Question Block/ Collectable Treasure
Head outside to the street in front of the entrance and to the front-right corner of the lantern. From there, you must jump to reveal the hidden Block from which you can collect the Water Vellumental Shrine.

The House of Riddles

Enter through the gate to the House of Riddles by using the Master Key.

Puzzle Solution

Look at the sign inside and then you must proceed to the point where there is a room each to your right and to your left. Head to the one on the left try to make the rooms mirror each other by adjusting things about them. Then use your controller to take a screenshot of the room, so that when you go to the room on the right side, you will have a reference.

You will know that you’ve successfully made the rooms resemble each other when the camera pans between the two, and the doors in the middle room open. You will then spot a chest that gives you a Heart +5 boost.

Souvenir Shop

With the Master Key, head to the Souvenir Shop.

Toad Rescue
Use the Master Key to unlock the gate at the back of the store and then head upstairs. Close the door behind you to save the Toad who runs the shop.

You can speak with him to purchase the Big Sho’ Theater. Use the Membership Card Accessory to get a 20% discount.

Head to Shogun Studios

Leave the store and walk up the main street towards the theater. Use the Save Block, and then unlock the gate across the bridge with the Master Key. Go to the Blue Streamer and destroy it before visiting Shogun Studios. First go fishing to catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep. You can also fish for Canned Tuna which is a collectible.

Toad Rescue
While fishing, the origami fish-Toad can be reeled and hammered to rescue it.

Origami Snifit Battle/ Hidden Block
Head to where you got the bone from the two Dry Bones and battle the origami Snifit there. Once it’s dealt with, you should jump near the left to collect a Hurlhammer from the Hidden Block.

Collectible Treasure
Ring the Lookout Tower bell 100 times in a row to take the Lookout Tower Bell and this will be the last collectible of Paper Mario The Origami King Shogun Studios.