Paper Mario The Origami King Shangri Spa Guide

After you complete the Sea Tower level in Paper Mario Origami King, you’ll enter the Shangri-Spa which has four different hot springs for you to explore. In this Paper Mario The Origami King Shangri Spa guide, we’ll walk you through all the objectives you need to complete in Shangri-Spa as well as the toad and collectible treasure locations.

Paper Mario The Origami King Shangri Spa

How to Enter the Shangri-Spa
Go across the bridge to your north until the clouds diverge and you see a temple.

There will be a sign on this temple which says ‘Paradise Found’. Go inside this temple to get to Shangri-Spa.

After that, head to the front desk and chat with the Toad there.

He’ll inform you that entering the spa will cost you 1,000 coins. Paying the fee will give you a Stamp Card.

There are four different hot springs in the Shangri-Spa:

  • Spring of Purification
  • Spring of Bliss
  • Spring of Sanctuary
  • Spring of Jungle Mist

Spring of Purification
Head through the entrance to your left to arrive at the Spring of Purification. Walk into the hot water and remain still to soak yourself in it.

Once you’re soaked up, get the stamp on your Stamp Card and then leave through another door on your left.

If you walk to the northwest corner, you’ll see a ?-Block there. Hit it to get yourself a Legendary Hammer.

After you exit through the door, you’ll come across Kamek. He’ll lead you to Bowser’s fallen castle.

A Lightning Beast will ambush you when you try to go inside the castle. Then, Bowser Jr will show up in a clown car.

Unfortunately, he’ll be snipped by a large pair of scissors in the sky. You’ll have to restore Bowser Jr by going back to the Spring of Purification.

Before you do so, you’ll have to fight some Chargin’ Chucks in the hot spring.

After you restore Bowser Jr here, you’ll figure out that he needs to be restored in all the Shangri-Spa hot springs.

You can now use the exit to the left to go to the next hot spring.

Spring of Sanctuary
From the middle fountain, travel towards the south to reach the Spring of Sanctuary.

All you need to do is here to beat the Goombas. After doing so, restore Bowser Jr and yourself by soaking up in the hot spring and then get your card stamped once again.

Spring of Bliss
From the middle fountain, travel towards the east and you’ll reach the Spring of Bliss after crossing the bridge. Your first objective is to have a water stream flow into the hot spring.

You can do this by going behind the pool and hopping over the crack on the wall at the back. There will be a Hammer Bro here who you’ll need to take down to get the water flowing.

Restore Bowser Jr once again by soaking up in the Spring of Bliss. Once that’s done, get the stamp on your card and then go back to the middle fountain in Shangri-Spa.

Spring of Jungle Mist
From the middle fountain, travel towards the northwest until your each a ledge. From here, hop onto the floating platform and let it take you to another one.

The second floating platform will take you to a bridge that you can cross you arrive at the path which leads to the Spring of Jungle Mist.

You’ll see a broken bridge. When you’re there, travel towards the west, enter the tunnel and continue moving in this direction

Your path will eventually split into two. You have to follow Kamek to the west.

After a bit of traveling, your path will once again split into two. You have to now follow Kamek to the east.

As you’re traveling on this path, you’ll run into a big area with a lot of Piranha Plants. Whack the plant with a Magic Circle sprite above its head to trigger a Ring Battle.

After you finish the battle, you’ll see a Magic Circle on a tree stump. Rip off a tree trunk using your 1000-Fold Arms ability to uncover the steps leading to an upper area.

Go up to this area and then go to the right, across the bridge. Keep on moving in this direction until your path splits into two. Follow Kamek to the west.

As you’re going down this path, a Chain Chomp will start coming after you.

You need to keep running from it until it gets trapped in a tree root. Then, move up the stairs on the east to get to the opposite side of the broken bridge.

Now, make your way towards the huge tree up north.

Flip the leaf to the southeast and then look for a step by moving around the corner to the northeast. This step will take you to another leaf.

If you flip this leaf as well, a Magic Circle will show up.

Bring the ladder down using your 1000-Fold Arms and then go up it to arrive at a path surrounding the huge tree.

From here, move to the left to get to another ladder.

Go up it and then move to the right. After Kamek spots something, you’ll start to be chased by another Chain Chomp coming. Keep running away from it until you reach another ladder.

Go up this ladder and then move to the left. Another Chain Chomp will start chasing you.

Once you’re at the end of this road, swing to the Spring of Jungle Mist by pressing A.

The Shangri-Spa Toad will inform you that the hot spring isn’t working right now. The only way to fix it is by finding the plug for the drain.

Move to the left and you’ll see a road on the backside of the tree.

When you’re there, keep moving left and then tug on the tree vine to reveal a Magic Circle. You’ll see the drain plug hanging off the tree so use your 1000-Fold Arms to bring it down.

Put it in the hot spring and then use your Hammer to fix it in tight. After the hot spring fills up, soak yourself and Bowser Jr and then get your card stamped.

Return back to the Jungle Mist’s entrance by traveling towards the southwest and then go back to the fountain in the middle of Shangri-Spa.

If you talk to the Toad at the lobby, you’ll be given the Spring of Rainbows VIP card and Shangri-Spa will be fully completed.

Collectible Treasure Locations

Collectible Treasure #1: The first treasure chest can be found on the backside of the Spring of Purification.

Collectible Treasure #2: Go down the slope to the southwest to find this treasure chest. 

Collectible Treasure #3: Make your way to the little island to the left using the moving platform to get this treasure chest.

Collectible Treasure #4: While you’re at Bowser’s Castle, use your hammer on the pillar to the southwest to bring it down. Use it get to the treasure chest.

Collectible Treasure #5: When you’re on your way to the Spring of Jungle Mist using the floating platforms, head to the platform to the left to get this treasure chest.

Collectible Treasure #6: You can just purchase this chest from a Spike for 10,000 coins. He can be found southwest of the Banquet Hall steps.

Collectible Treasure #7: This chest can be purchased from a Shy Guy for 10,000 coins. He can be found at the base of the Spring of Bliss bridge.

Collectible Treasure #8: This chest can be purchased from the sleepy Shy Guy in the shop to the west.

Collectible Treasure #9: When you’re at the entrance to Bowser’s Castle, you’ll find a ?-Block to the left.