Paper Mario The Origami King Sea Tower Guide

In this Paper Mario The Origami King Sea Tower guide we will focus on the complete walkthrough of the Sea Tower level of Paper Mario The Origami King. The walkthrough is not difficult but it’s lengthy so just grab some popcorn and start reading. Let’s get started.

Paper Mario The Origami King Sea Tower

In order to get inside the Sea Tower, you will need the Power, Wisdom, and Courage Orbs and put them inside the slots on the gate of the tower and the gate will open.

Head inside and you will get to a hall with four statues. You need to go through the gate and then make your way across the moving platforms.

There is a hole on the left and one in the center. Go through the door on the left and make your way up while doing all the obstacles.

Treasure #94
Before you go up grab the treasure on the left behind the pillar in the bottom left.

Now go through all the obstacles and then there will be a stuck platform with Olly’s Tape.

Remove that tape and the platform will take you downwards and then go left into the doorway.

There are four heads on the walls in this room. Hit the wall under then to make them drop down and close the path for the sidestepper to run.

Once it is blocked hit it with your hammer to get a Red gem. Now head back to the same room you came from and take out the hammer bro.

Use the red gem and place it inside the water Vellumental statue’s mouth on the left and then head up the stairs that spiral around the tower.

When you get to an entryway, go inside and take out all the enemies there and there will be some holes here. Fix them with confetti.

When you go west, slide the platform into place to get on top of the slope and fix the holes in the wall.

Then use the second platform to slide into the entryway on the right that has a fiery puzzle there for you. Follow the same pattern it uses to not get burned and reach the other side.

Once you do, you would be able to go into the next hall.

There is a magic circle there, step inside it and use the 1000 Fold Arm technique to pull the rope and free the boulder that will press the red button triggering the fire from the Fire Vellumental that melt the ice on the Ice Vellumental.

Head inside the new doorway revealed north of the Ice Vellumental head and a lift will take you the roof of the tower.

There you will need to fight The Tape Boss. Defeat The Tape by configuring the arrows so that you hit its sides.

When the sides all break down the tape will be free of the case and then you will have to beat the free Tape again.

The Tape will put tape over the circles so that you cannot move them independently but you would be able to work something out.

After that, all the toads stuck to the wall of the tower will be freed. Break the purple Streamer at the top and you will free the tower and increase your max confetti capacity.

There are no toads that need to be freed by you separately. The holes all appear when you make your way through the tower so their location is not that hard to find.

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