Paper Mario The Origami King Scorching Sandpaper Guide

So your Scorching Sandpaper journey starts at the seventh yellow streamer level and goes on up till eleventh yellow streamer level in Minor location. This Paper Mario The Origami King Scorching Sandpaper guide is a complete walkthrough of all the levels of Scorching Sandpaper.

So, sit tight, and take a reading-ride of Paper Mario The Origami King Scorching Sandpaper!

Paper Mario The Origami King Scorching Sandpaper

We have also included all the collectibles locations including all the locations of the non-bottomless holes, blocks and treasures so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to find that information.

Scorching Sandpaper West

Once you reach this location which is in the desert, head left towards the tower.

Go inside the tower and then fill the hole on the tablet. Follow the translation displayed to find the eye of the tower.

Now go out of the tower and observe the positions of the cacti. The two which are in the center of the area and are symmetrical are your desired ones.

So ask professor Toad to dig between them. The Triangle Jewel will be revealed.

Now all you have to do is to take the Jewel back to the tower and fix it into the eye of the tower’s socket.

Use the red magic circle to summon the Fire Vellumental’s power. The eye will then glow and beam a light into the desert.

Collect the remaining collectibles then and set off for Far West.


  • Enter the tower and patch up the hole#1 on the tablet.
  • Hole#2 is on the northern wall.
  • Hole#3 is to the left of the tower on the tall wall.
  • Hole#4 is along the Southern wall on the ground.
  • Hole#5 is near the hole#4.
  • Toad1: To the left of the twin cacti.
  • Toad 2: To the right of the tower in the form of cactus with a skull on it
  • Toad 3,4,5: Buried in the sand below the cactus with a skill.
  • Toad 6: To the south of the tower in form of a bug Toad stuck to the cactus.

Scorching Sandpaper Far West

The eighth Yellow Streamer Level is the Scorching Sandpaper Far West. When you reach the area, drive towards the left to the location where the Tower is situated. Head inside the tower and read the table.

To find the Eye of the Tower, head outside of the tower and move towards the Lake in the Shroom city. Get to the lake and observe the reflection of the blacked-out sun in the lake.

As you move around while observing it, you will see that the tower of the hotel is blocking up the sun’s reflection in the lake.

Get to professor Toad and ask him to dig that area up. A round jewel will be revealed. Take the round jewel back to the tower and insert it into the Eye of the Tower’s socket.

Repeat the same process of activating Fire Vellumental power then and you are good to go to the next location of the Far East.


  • Toad 1: Get to the south side of the tower and destroy the short cactus. Pull out the buried Toad then.
  • Hole#1 is on the wall which is to the left of the tower.
  • Hole#2 is near the entrance near the southern wall.
  • Collectible Treasure: Get to the right side of the tower and destroy the square rock formation with a cactus in between. Dig the spot of the cactus to reveal the treasure.
  • Block 1: Get to the North East section of the area towards the wooden crates. Use the crates to reach the block above.

Scorching Sandpaper Far East


Just the same as the previous two locations, drive to the tower and read the tablet.

There is perhaps a trick in this level. That is that you cannot find the Jewel required yet because you haven’t unlocked the area where it is located.

What you have to do then is to collect all the collectibles of this area, and head towards the Sandpaper East.

The jewel required is situated there and hence the walkthrough is covered under the Scorching Sandpaper East heading below.


  • Toad 1, 2: Head towards the Pit where the two Toad scorpions and four folded monkeys are found. Enter the pit and all of the toad scorpions and monkeys will dive underground. Follow them and once they stop digging, you will find the two Toads.
  • Toad 3: Head to the right side of the Tower and you will see a cactus, a rock, and two bushes. Search in between them and you will fight a Toad stuck inside.
  • Hole#1 is to the right side of the tower on the outer wall.
  • Hole#2 is to the South of the first hole and the Tower.


As mentioned earlier, Sandpaper East location is actually just like an extension or remaining part of the Far East location’s objective.

So when you reach here, enter the ruins of an old city. Look for a destroyed house with wave symbols engraved on the walls.

When you find it, talk to professor Toad to dig in the old fireplace.

You will now get the square jewel. Take it back to the Sandpaper Far East and install it in the Eye socket in the tower there.


  • Toad 1: In the starting location, look for a short cactus and hit it to reveal the Toad.
  • Toad 2: Get to the Southeast corner and smash the square vase to reveal it.
  • Toad 3: Get to the south of the vase and you’ll find a vase snake Toad.
  • Toad 4: Walk along the right outer wall and you will find this vase snake hiding behind the corner wall.
  • Toad 5: Walk towards the center and you’ll find a hole. Listen for the vase snake which will be found in the ruins of the house to the north.
  • Hole#1 is behind the tall walls in the southeast corner.
  • Hole#2 is along the outer wall to the right.
  • Hole#3 is near the center of the ruins
  • Hole#4 is in the house in the center
  • Treasure Chest: Go towards the northern section and you’ll see Paper Macho Boo guarding a chest. Defeat it to get the treasure.


All the four towers have been activated until now and all you need to do is to follow the projection of the four light beams. Go over to the pedestal in the middle and you’ll see a green magic circle.

Use the Earth Vellumental’s power to raise the temple of shrooms out of the sand into the dark night.

Collect all the collectibles in the area and then enter the temple of the Shrooms.


  • Toad 1: From the southern entrance, walk to the trio of cacti on the right. Hit the cactus and you’ll reveal the bug Toad.
  • Toad 2: On the road towards the Shroom City, you will see this green cactus toad.
  • Block 1: On the left side in the Trio of Cacti.
  • Treasure Chest: When you raise the temple of the shrooms, walk behind it and start digging to reveal this treasure chest