Paper Mario The Origami King Scissors Boss Guide

Scissors is a Boss you go up against in The Origami King. As you can guess from the name, it is a Scissor shaped boss. In this Paper Mario The Origami King Scissors Boss guide, we will tell you everything you need to defeat it.

You will encounter Scissors in Bowser’s Castle and this is the 13th main boss of The Origami King.

Paper Mario The Origami King Scissors Boss

In the Scissors Boss fight, you have 60 seconds to act for every turn. In every turn, you have the option to move your ring three times.

The fight starts with the Scissors keeping its blades sheathed. At this point, you ought to consistently focus on the handle of the Scissors, and not on the sheath.

The position of the blade and handle of Scissor will be changed on each turn, so while choosing what weapon to utilize, ensure that the handles are the target.

Use a hammer attack when the handles are on the ground and jump attack when they are in the air.

Try not to utilize the 1,000-Fold Arms in either position, as they will break its cover.

Tips for defeating Scissors

  • Try not to break the blade cover. Continuously focus on its green handle part when utilizing different attacks. Because if its cover broke its attack increases as the blades are exposed.
  • At the point when you have caused enough damage to Boss, it will remove its cover and begin utilizing Final Cut. You can dodge its ultimate attacks by jumping.
  • Utilize the magic circle of Ice Vellumental Power to freeze Scissors. In addition to the fact that this deals harm and shocks it, yet it’ll give you the ideal time to utilize 1000 Fold Arms to finish the Scissors.
  • Utilize the chest and use a solid weapon like Legendary Hammers or Legendary boots to do a large damage

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