Paper Mario The Origami King Rubber Band Boss Guide

Our Paper Mario The Origami King Rubber Band Boss Guide will walk you through each and every step that you need to know about this boss fight, including the fighting style of the Rubber Band Boss and how you can stretch him to the breaking point.

Paper Mario The Origami King Rubber Band Boss

Rubber Band is the 2nd of the Stationary Bosses and 4th Overall Boss in the Paper Mario The Origami King franchise and you will face him at Big Sho’s Theatre.

With a body wrapped up in rubber bands, this boss may seem like an easy opponent apparently but it’s actually quite the opposite.

It has very distinctive board mechanics and fighting style so unless you go prepared to the battlefield, you will just be wasting your precious time.

To get you prepared for this faceoff, we have compiled a few tips and tricks below for each special attack of the Rubber Band Boss that may come in handy.

The Rubber Band Boss Fight
To begin with, you should be aware that for each turn, you will have 60 seconds to make a move and only 3 Rings’ rotations to make.

More importantly, this battle will be consisting of two phases.

The better part of the battle will be fought in the first phase while the second phase will be mostly about fishing off the Rubber Band Boss.

Start off the battle with 1000 Fold-arms attack to get an early advantage by using the Magic Circle closest to the Boss.

This is because the closer the Magic Circle is, the more damage you can deal to the Boss. Remember that normal attacks won’t work against this Boss as it will just heal itself using the Pullback Move.

To get closer to the Rubber Band Boss, use the Rubber Bands on the board pointing towards the Boss. For each of these Rubber Bands, you get propelled forward by 1 tile.

A tactical approach here can be to shift the rings in such a way that you line up several Rubber Bands pointing towards the Boss and use them to move much closer to it!

During the first phase, the Rubber Band Boss will also use its deadly Rubber Bind Attack.

What happens is that first, it uses its Rubber Bands to catch you which costs you your turn, and then while in it’s grasp, it hits you with its rubber bands, inflicting some serious damage.

For the first part, press A at the right moment to get out of the Boss’ grip and for the offensive part of the attack, use your guard to minimize the damage.

The Second Phase of the fight begins when Rubber Band Boss’ HP is close to none and it is in its Solo form.

It will launch the Solo Snapback Attack. Just survive this using your guard and then get to a Magic Circle to perform the 1000-Fold Arms Attack which will allow you to grab the boss and kill it.

Don’t slack off until the Boss has bitten the dust because taking too much time to finish it off can cause it to strike back and possibly kill you!

As a reward for emerging as a victor of this boss fight, you will earn 2050 Gold Coins.

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