Paper Mario The Origami King Picnic Road Guide

This Paper Mario The Origami King Picnic Road Guide will let you know how to approach this area to complete with the least amount of trouble as well as the locations for all Collectible for the Picnic Road including all toads.

Collectibles in Paper Mario Origami King can be very difficult to find especially the toads. They are hidden in plain sight given different forms which can often be very hard to spot.

Paper Mario The Origami King Picnic Road

The Picnic Road is a fairly easy area; it’s just a stroll in the park. But the tough part comes at freeing all the toad in the area as there are quite a lot of them, most of them very easily missed.

Without further wait, let’s start at the beginning when you come here after completing the Graffiti Underground.

As soon as you enter the area, you start looking for toads to free. On the way, you fill any pothole you see to get some coins and possibly even a toad hidden in the flower that appear on the filled pothole.

It’s easier if we divide this area into sub-areas by the landmarks. We made effort to make it easily understandable. This is how it goes.

This is where you enter. The road leads upwards with a bush enclosed area coming up on the left, a cave beside it and a tree uphill.

Toad #1 – At the entrance of Picnic Road, whack the bush on the left to reveal a folded Green Toad.

Toads #2,3,4&5 – Uphill from the lost toad, there is a fenced area behind the bushes. Whack one of the fences to enter. Three Red Toads are lying folded right there. Another is right there in the corner under the ghoul.

Toad #6 – Just outside the fence, there’s a hole in the ground. Hammer it to pull out a red toad.

Toad #7 – Onwards from the last toad, a purple butterfly is fluttering by the cave. Whack it to free a purple toad.

Toad #8 – Right there, inside a hole in the wall is another red toad. Hammer the wall thrice to make the red toad fall out.

Toad #9 – Move uphill from there and look for a yellow flower by the tree that is different from all other. Whack it to free the yellow toad.

After the tree, as you go around the bush, it’s uphill from there. There are several landmarks here i.e. the lab, the lake, a golf pole etc.

From here on, you should circle around the area because the next area is below the lake. You’ll go to the lab, then the trees lining the north end of the area, visiting the gorge and circling to the tree on the cliff.

Toad #10 – Go behind the bushes behind the tree. You’ll find a red toad lying folded there.

Toad #11 – By the lab uphill from the last toad, there’s a purple butterfly fluttering around. Whack it free a purple toad.

The Laboratory

Toad #12 – Mail box of the lab hold 3 red toads. Whack the box to make them all out, then whack them one by one to free them.

Toad #13 – The sign board by the lab up the stairs also has a red toad in it. You can free it once the lab is accessible.

Toad #14 – Once the lab is accessible, there’ll be a yellow toad inside to free.

North of the Lake

Toad #15 – In the tree beside the lab, there is a red toad stuck on it whack the tree to make it fall then whack it free it.

Toad #16 – Next to that very tree is a red fluttering butterfly, hovering over a pot hole. Fill it up then whack the butterfly to free the red toad.

Toad #17 – Right beside this point is a gorge. A red dog may appear here at some point. Whack it to free the red toad.

Toad #18 – The tree upon the raised ground above the golf pole has another red toad stuck in it. Fill the holes by the tree then whack it to free the toad.

Toad #19-22 – Right before the tree is a hole in the wall, whack it continuously to make a couple of red toads fall out. It holds 4 red toads.

Hidden Enclosure
Ahead of the tree on the cliff, there is a hidden enclosure that you drop down into from the corner.

Toad #23 – Drop down ahead the tree on the right, into an enclosed area behind the bushes. There’s a whack-a-toad game here for you with a yellow toad. Try and whack all the holes shut before they reappear, so the yellow toad has nowhere to go this also has a decent reward.

Golf Area
The hidden enclosure brings you out onto the golf area.

Toad #24-30 – The golf pole there has a green flag on top. To get to it, whack the ground on the left side of the flag to make the stairs appear. Get to the top and grab the flag, it’ll free 7 toads stuck inside the pole at once.

Toad #31 – Also whack the flag to free a green toad.

Toad #32 – By the pole, in the dirt is a yellow toad, stuck there. You’d be able to see its feet. Pull it out to free it.

Toad #33 – Fill the hole south of the golf pole and whack the flowers that appear. They hold a yellow toad.

Toad #34 – The flowers on the left also hold a red toad, whack them to free it.

The Lake

Toad #35 – The lake near the hill has an origami swan in it. Stand on the box that’s placed on one side and whack in front to make way. Once the swan is close, hammer it to free the yellow toad.

Toad #36 – A red toad is hidden behind the sign board by the lake. Hammer it to make it drop out, then whack it to unfold.

Down Below
Below the lake, are stairs to go down into the next area.

Toad #37 – Climb down the stairs from the lake and get down to the bottom. You’ll find a red folded toad on the counter.

Toad #38 – Behind the counter and inside the room, there another red toad by the window but you can’t see it. When you get to the window, whack and it’ll get freed.

Toad #39 – Hit the umbrella by the counter to open it, then climb up the stairs, step on the umbrella and climb into the hole in the wall that holds a red folded toad.

Toad #40-49 – Head rightwards from the counter and climb up the crates to get onto the platform on the far right. Break the wall on the corner to get long arms power up then reach for the hole on the top and break it to free 10 toads at once.

Down Again
In the lower area, there is way to go ever lower. But the pothole must be filled to make the stairs appear.

Toad #50 – Fill the holes to make the stairs appear. Head down and break the block on the left and head back behind it to get to a red toad.

Toad #51-54 – Once the 10 toads have been freed, you’d be albe to free more if you come back after a while. One will be under the platform on the far right and another 4 in the popcorn machine right opposite of it. Buy popcorn to free them

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