Paper Mario The Origami King Overlook Tower Guide

This guide will focus on all the things you need to focus on while playing Paper Mario The Origami King Overlook Tower level. There are several objectives here and it might feel like it’s a lot to take in but we will try our best to tell you everything about this place so that your completion is 100%.

Paper Mario The Origami King Overlook Tower

As you enter inside the Overlook tower the first thing you will see is a huge hole in the center of the hall and you will use confetti to fix that hole up. Doing so will reveal your ally’s brother’s face.

Hole #1
As you enter inside the tower the first thing you will see is a huge hole in the center of the hall and you will use confetti to fix that hole up. Doing so will reveal your ally’s brother’s face.

Toad #1
Then you will save the Toad stuck in the elevator by pressing the button next to the elevator. After that you will head up using the elevator but before you do that, you need to look around the level and find collectibles and save other blue toads.

Toad #2
There is a stack of shelves on the left, there is a blue toad stuck in it as well. Use your hammer to get it free.

Toad #3, 4 and 5
Then go to the right side of the level and take a look at the shelves next to the big banana on the wall. You will see a bucket next to it. Use your hammer to free the rolled toads along the bucket. There are three of them here.

Toad #6
There is a toad flag next to the bananas, hammer on it to get the toads free. You have to jump onto the shelves in order to be able to do that.

Toad #7, 8 and 9
There is one more rescue needed here, go to the table near the window that has some yellow shirts. Hammer the origami towers to rescue the toads.

When you are done with all of these, go up the elevator and while you are going, you will be attacked by a bunch of colorful sticks.

These pencils can be removed by hitting them with your hammer and then you can move forward to the first floor where you have to fight some Origami Goombas, take them out and loot their confetti. There is another hole to your left, fix it with the confetti you just gathered.

Hole #2
At the second floor there is door on the left that has another hole next to the stairs that needs a little confetti love. When you walk towards this hole, Olivia will tell you that the stairs are falling apart.

Block #1
This block is right behind the hole and it leads to a hidden room after you destroy it.

Then a Toad will appear out of the boxes. This is a chef toad. He will tell of that there is something wrong at the restaurant and he wants a favor which he will pay back by helping you as well. There is a hidden block in the back end of the room.

Hole #3
This hole is present on the second floor near the next stairs. The chef will give you confetti to fix this.

Toad #10
There is a white ledge that is accessible because of the block you discovered. Use this ledge to get on top of the big boxes and then recuse the toad there by taking off the colorful tape there.

After that you would need to go to the restaurant that is on the opposite end of the floor. On the right side of the dining room there is some food on the table at the end.

If your health is low, you can use it but if it’s not necessary, leave it as it will help you out later.  Head over to the kitchen using the doorway at the back.

Toad #11
You will find this toad in a cabinet on the right side of the dining area.

Toad #12
There is trash can inside the kitchen, hammer it and then the toad that falls out of it to save it.

Toad #13
There’s another in the pan next to the stove. Hammer the pan and resuce that toad.

Toad #14
There are some drawers in the kitchen as well on the left, hammer them and a toad will be rescued.

Toad #15
Now use the same drawer to get onto a shelf and recuse the toad on the scale by hitting the mushroom.

Toad #16
Get on to the shelf on the right by jumping on the carrot and hit the area with the white bowls to rescue a toad.

Remember the toad you rescued before had a problem that needed your help. You need to go through the door on the left and hammer the box you see in the fridge and a lot of origami Goombas will come out.

Hammer all of those in the kitchen as well as the dining area. BE careful so that they don’t jump on to you. Spin if they do to shake them off.

First take out all the Goombas then head over to the dining room and take care of the Goombas there. Remember that there is one under the trash can, one is on the plates and one inside the pot with the frown.

The difficult ones in the in the dining room are along the dinnerplate on the sign, then one behind the serving cart wall, there is another on the cabinet and when you are done with them all, the music will turn to normal.

Talk to chef Toad after that in storage and you will get confetti with which you can fix the hole you found earlier. Move upstairs after that.

When you get to Third Floor, the gate will not open and large colored pencils will fly in on Mario. Use your hammer or jump on them to save yourself.

Find the hole in the fence and let the missiles knock it down. Move out of the way when the missiles reach you to save yourself.

Also, be careful of the missiles coming at you from other directions so that you don’t get hit by those.

When the fence is broken, go inside and open all the umbrellas there and break the boxes present on the floor. There is a red button, hit it with the hammer and the ladder will come down.

Still be careful of the missiles coming at you. The umbrellas will provide cover. Climb up the ladder when you get the chance to get to the fourth floor.

At the Fourth Floor use the heart to heal and the save box to save the game and then go upstairs after rescuing a few toads.

Toad #17
Before going inside the fourth floor, there is a blue pencil on the right of the elevator. Hit it to free the toad.

After freeing this toad, go upstairs and there you will have a boss fight with Colored Pencils. It’s a lot cooler than it sounds.

Colored Pencils Boss Fight
I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. The rules are similar to the Earth Vellumental Boss fight. The 1000 Fold Arms and shiny hammer should be used as much as you can.

Get out of the path of the missiles indicated by a red circle on the ground. Press A to block and save Mario from the missiles fired by Colored Pencils boss.

Try to attack the box from the back to make it close and also remember to make use of the Magic rings. The On icon will be used to activate them.

The regular attack icon will be used when the box is empty. You can also attack the box from the side. If it closes, attack it from any direction and it will be damaged.

When half the health is down, attacking from the back won’t help, now attack from the sides using 1000 Fold Arms technique.

The red streamer will be destroyed after you defeat the pencils and then you will head over to Autumn Mountain.  But before that, there is one more toad left to rescue.

Toad #18
This toad will be freed by hitting the telescope on the right side of the roof.

Collectible Treasure #28
After rescuing this toad head to the Overlook Mountain to the tramway and then come back to the tower and talk to the chef to get collectible treasure.

Collectible Treasure #29
When at the tramway, the blue toad at the coffee stand will give you another treasure and then the head to the Yellow toad at senor lab which was formerly the Yellow Toad house.

Take the tape off of the orange pipe and then go to toad town turn right for a chest and then save the head researcher by going in ahead. All the toads in this area have been rescued.

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