Paper Mario The Origami King Overlook Mountain Guide

The fifth red streamer level in the Paper Mario: Origami King is Overlook Mountain, and when you get here for the first time, your objective is to destroy the red streamer. We have prepared the detailed guide with all the collectibles for you on the whole Paper Mario The Origami King Overlook Mountain.

Paper Mario The Origami King Overlook Mountain

Right away, you will see a whack sign and a toad. Fill the gap and get to the chest on your left. A toad will be in the grass with shy guys trying to ambush you so be on guard.

Get the iron boots from the block on your way ahead. When you get to the blue roof area, just will the beach hole and get yourself iron boots by jumping at the center of the blue roof.

Go to other side of the roof next and you will fin another block, toad and hole. Next, you will have to hit three grasshoppers to rescue three toads.

A 100 coin block is also on the back with a bug toad. Get to the Monty Mole auction and fill the hole in the wall to the left of the area and there is a tunnel to further left, go inside to get a treasure chest.

Next go to the auction and talk and persuade Monty Mole to give you the green shell stone for minimum coins, he will probably give you for 300 coins.

Then sell the same stone to Koopa Troopas for 1500 coins. Ahead, you will see a warp pipe, use the pipes to go back to the toad town immediately and for that you also have to clear the pipes.

Look nearby for more toads and holes around pipes as well.

Now you will face a Paper Macho Goomba as you step on the bridge. You will have to wait for him to charge at you, step off the bridge and look for the weak spot and just deal with it like you did previously in Toad town.

After crossing the bridge, fill any holes and save the progress at save book. You will also face a goomba who will ambush you through bushes.

After taking care of Goomba use the magic circle and you will reveal a dry bones holding that is behind a fake cliff wall, you will get a yellow shell stone here.

Go to the right of the save book and get all the toads and fill all the holes as you pass and you will reach a block with 100 coins.

Go ahead on the same path and you will get a treasure chest in a cave and a hole. Now as you approach the river, talk to Koopa Troopa and he will teach you how to fish.

Here you will play a mini challenge where you have to first get a hold of folded cheep cheep.

Then the battle will start and you will have to first slide two cheep cheep in one line and then shift the rings to get to a single line. When you do it, which you have to do in three moves, you will get a blue shell stone.

You can also get a origami shaped toad an golden cheep cheep for treasure. As you get back to the main path, you will have to go through the log spear area.

When you go there for the first time, giant thwamps will come falling at you so just backtrack, then a super star will appear above tree, grab it and knock all the thwamps with your invincibility.

Get to the top and go left to find a hole and a toad. On the main path, there will be two more holes.

Now go up the mountain and talk to the greed toad, there will also be a hole nearby. Throw the stone from stairs to the ground and walk along, you will find ten stacked toads, so set them free.

There is also a huge hole as you go for the top of the mountain and as you pas sit, three spiny enemies will also fall down from above so watch out.

The mountain top tower will be a lil too high and you will see a green magic circle connected to the Earth Vellumental. Just get back and go to the sports park.

You will be accompanied by two shy guys, get to the right and you will get to a block with coin bag. There will be an opening in the fence as you walk along the ridge, down will be a toad.

Get to the end area, where you will see a green circle at the center, the shy guys will not be happy that you recued the toad so you will have a fight here.

You can also get a treasure chest by going down the fence opening towards south. Now there will be three paper macho shy guys playing with the shell stone.

You have to find a middle plane where you can get the stone when they throw it to each other.

They will jump at you when you get the stone, just dodge away and then give some hammer whacks and you are done.

When you are done here, you can easily get back to vellumental by taking the green pipe, use all the gathered stones at the entrance of the temple and the door will be unlocked.

This is all from the Overlook Mountain and now you can get to the Earth Vellumental Temple.

Overlook Mountain Collectibles

Toad Locations
So there are a total of 36 toads in the Overlook Mountain, all of them area stated below:

  • In the sign at the base of the mountain, just at the start.
  • Near the chest on left, hidden in the tall grass.
  • On the other side of the blue roof.
  • Three toads will be rescued when you hit three grasshoppers.
  • You might see a bug near grasshoppers, that is another toad.
  • In the rock, near red warp pipe.
  • There are two trees near that red warp pipe and a toad at the ledge.
  • There is a hole in the cliff where the bridge is, fill the hole and shake the wall and toad will come right down.
  • When you are at the save block and go down the stairs you will find five toads.
  • When you are fishing, you will find the toad in origami shaped fish.
  • When you use the super start and clear the path to the top, go left to find another toad.
  • When you are at tramway station, go left and behind the stairs are ten toads stacked.
  • When you are at the top of the mountain, there is a toad close to the sign near tower.
  • When you are with two shy guys, before going to the park, go right and there will be a toad behind the bush.
  • When you are going down with two shy guys, there will be an opening in the fence, jump down to find another toad.
  • At the center of the green circle, you will stop the shy guys playing at the expanse of toad and save it.
  • When you defeat those three shy guys, you will save three toads.
  • When you are done with Earth Vellumental, get to the red warp pipe and get rid of Goomba to save toad.
  • From the tramway at the mountain, there is a toad under the right flower box.

Block Locations
There are a total of nine blocks in the Overlook Mountain:

  • Right at the start, in front of you.
  • At the center of the blue roof.
  • On the other side of the blue roof. A fire flower will be inside.
  • At the back of where you find three grasshoppers toads.
  • When you find five toads, go straight to the white fence and there will be a block above a hole.
  • After getting rid of thwomps with the help of super star, go to your right to find a block.
  • The place where you see the tramway sign, there is a block right in front from there.
  • Just before you get to the sports park, go to your right to find another block.
  • When in the sports park, there is a opening in the fence and a block down the ledge.

Collectible Treasures
There are five collectible treasures in the Overlook Mountain:

  • Just from the start, go to your left to find first chest.
  • When you are at the Monty Mole Auction, go to the cave on your left and there will be treasure inside.
  • When you are at the fishing, the chest will be near the pier.
  • During fishing, catch a golden cheep cheep to get another treasure.
  • There will be a fence opening in the sports park where shy guys are playing, go down the ledge to find another treasure.

Not-Bottomless Holes
There are 19 holes in the Overlook Mountain:

  • Just at the beginning, right in front of you.
  • Under the bench in the area of blue roof.
  • To the other side of the blue roof.
  • One is right where you find grasshopper toads.
  • When you are at Monty Mole Auction, just go left to find another hole.
  • There is a hole in the tree, next to the red warp pipe.
  • There is another one right close to the red warp pipe, in the ground.
  • The two trees, where you find a toad, there is a hole too.
  • When get to the other side of the white bridge, there is a hole in the cliff wall.
  • Go around the cliff, after crossing the bridge to find another hole.
  • When you are at the save block, go right to find another hole.
  • When you save five toads, there will be a hole along the path under a block.
  • When you are at fishing, there is a hole under the block near pier.
  • Go left after taking care of Thwomps to find a hole in the wall.
  • On the log spikes path, there is a hole right after it.
  • There is another hole, under a block on the same path, just a little ahead.
  • When you almost get to the top of the mountain, there is a big hole in the wall.
  • There is a hole in the mountain tramway station that you can fill when you are done with the red streamer.