Paper Mario The Origami King King Olly Boss Guide

Behold the final boss in The Origami King, King Olly. In this Paper Mario The Origami King King Olly Boss guide, we will talk about all the important strategies you can follow during the battles to help you defeat King Olly Boss in Origami Castle.

Paper Mario The Origami King King Olly Boss

The final King Olly boss fight will last for three phases. You will have 60 seconds at your disposal for each turn.

For the first phase, you will be turning rings and you will be allowed to turn them three times only in a single turn. This will not be a real-time battle.

King Olly is awfully small when it makes its first appearance in the arena. However, don’t forget that it is the king of origami and has the capability to fold itself in any way it pleases. And this is exactly what it will do.

First Phase
For the first phase of the battle, you’ll witness King Olly folding itself into several Vellumentals.

Luckily, you have the option of Super-Special Magic Circle located on the ring, and you can use it to fold yourself into four different Vellumentals.


To activate Super-Special Magic Circle, you’ll have to step on ‘ON’ beforehand.

Each of the Vellumental that King Olly turns into will have a weakness, and you should choose your Vellumental accordingly.

Earth Vellumental could be frozen using Ice Vellumental. Water Vellumental could be dodged using Earth Vellumental.

Fire Vellumental could be washed away with Water Vellumental. And finally, Ice Vellumental could be melted when pitted against Fire Vellumental.

Once you’ve made the right choice of attacking a Vellumental with another appropriate Vellumental, you’ll be back to using your ordinary moves.

In this scenario, the only move that could inflict considerable damage to King Olly is 1000 Fold Arms. The rest all will be insufficient and could easily be dodged.

Second Phase
After being defeated in the first phase it will seem like King Olly is having a mental breakdown and has lost the motivation to carry the fight any further.

However, the boss will quickly pull itself together and it will be back, bigger, and stronger than before.

This time around, Bowser will enter the ring to fight King Olly after being folded into a bigger monster.

Bowser will not be able to push King Olly off the edge alone and it will require your help.

You can help Bowser by consistently banging the floor with 1000 Fold Arms.

There will be flying Shuriken coming your way, which could be dodged by jumping over them or hitting them with your hammer.

Third Phase
Even After King Olly has fallen off the edge, it won’t be the end of the battle. King Olly will rise again. Again, it will be bigger and stronger.

In the third and the last phase, you’ll have to complete a puzzle by rotating some rings to defeat the last boss.

However, this does not mean that King Olly won’t attack you. To dodge its attacks, press A. Timing is the key to a perfect dodge.

This is how the puzzle will look like once it’s completed.

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