Paper Mario The Origami King Ice Vellumental Mountain Guide

In this Paper Mario The Origami King Ice Vellumental Mountain guide, we will be taking a look at the complete walkthrough of the Ice Vellumental Mountain.

We will be discussing all the Ice Vellumental Mountain collectibles in this part and how to complete it step by step. Let’s get started.

Paper Mario The Origami King Ice Vellumental Mountain

We will keep it as simple as possible. Starting from the Diamond Island you will go left and on the west side, the frozen area of the Ice Vellumental Mountain will start.

You will reach a bridge with bear statues on both sides and ahead of it. You will see some side walkers that look like crabs.

Hit them with a hammer to get confetti. Don’t forget to get the Flashy Iron boots present on the right side and then head to the next room.

This room is also full of enemies; take them out, use the confetti to fill holes. Break the boulder at the ice platform will become free, use it to cover the spiked hole and hit the mystery box.

Head over to the next room use the platform to kill all the enemies but before that fill the holes with confetti.

There are two doors in this area of Ice Vellumental Mountain. The right one has a confetti pouch and a box.

The left one has a hammer bro dropping icicles from the top. Use the icicles as a platform to go up the stairs on the right and start a fight with hammer bro.

Defeat it in the ring fight and then use the 1000 Fold Arms Technique to drop the icicles in front of you from the top. To make another platform that makes the way for the next area.

There is a 100 HP heart in the room next to the stairs on the right. It is also reset the boulders, if you have broken the wrong ones. Defeat the enemies you find here.

Once you slide down the ice platform to the bear cave, it will open, and next you will come across huge spiral stairs.

Boulders would be rolling down from the top but there will be spots where you will be safe from them. Defeat the enemy again and head out.

The next area will have a door on the left with, collect the items here then slide the ice platform down to the right and take out all the enemies there.

Fix the hole in the right wall. This you will have to jump off of a sliding platform to go inside the bear cave. Fix the big Hole there and slide the platform down on the right.

You will fly ahead and break through a giant bear statue’s teeth and then go inside. Walk further and the Ice Vellumental boss will show up and start the boss fight.

Fighting it is not difficult. Just arrange the arrows so that you get a turn and then attack to lower its HP.

When done, you will get Ice Bibliofold and then just go towards the right side and head to Diamond Island by sliding.


There are no hidden Toads in this area so you don’t need to worry about that. But there are treasures and holes. Let’s take a look at their locations:

These treasures are present mostly towards the end of the area. Here are their locations:

Treasure No. 90
This treasure is present on the spiral staircase.

Treasure No. 91
You will find this one three rooms after the spiral stairs and then down a pipe.

Treasure No. 92
You will find this in the Ice Vellumental’s chamber’s bottom-left corner after you have defeated it.

Treasure No. 93
When you slide down the mountain you will find this along the way.

The holes and blocks are not hard to locate as they are right in front of you as you make your way through the area.

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