Paper Mario The Origami King Hole Punch Boss Guide

The Hole Punch Boss is a Dancing Freak who is also literal paper punching stationery. Unfortunately for Mario, in Paper Mario Origami king, he is …well…paper. Defeating him is easy if you know the best techniques. In this guide we have outlined the entire Paper Mario The Origami King Hole Punch Boss Fight with tips on how to defeat the boss.

Paper Mario The Origami King Hole Punch Boss

Hole Punch Boss is found in Temple of Shrooms and he’s the third boss you’ll come across in the game. He likes to Dance and likes to Punch people faces.

You’ll start off by talking to DJ Toad who will arrange the Dance floor for you. The Dance floor is going to be filled with Toads since it’s a toad party.

Once you start partying with the toads, the Boss enters the scene by wiping all the toads off of the dance floor. This is where the Boss fight begins.

You’ll be given a minute for each turn and will be allowed to move your ring 3 times. Therefore, it’s best to focus on rotations.

Now for the phase of the boss, Hole Punch has one phase and will reveal its weak points. So, keep an eye on that.

Special Attacks
Hole Punch Boss is the last boss of the Yellow Streamer section. He can drain your health from 100% to 50% in no time with his special moves such as the Hole Punch and Base Slap.

During the Hole Punch move, the Boss punches your face and drains a lot of your health whereas during Base slap, he pushes you away using his Yellow Base; which you can block.

How to Defeat Hole Punch Boss
There are plenty of ways you can defeat the boss. But the best and the most recommended methods are these:

  • Using Hammer
  • Avoid Holes
  • Step on your face
  • Use Earth Vellumental
  • Use 1000-Fold Arms

Using the hammer can be a really helpful way to drain the boss’s health. But remember to hit from behind since the boss can use Base Slap to counter your moves.

The Hole Punch boss usually Punches hole into the ground during the fight so to avoid being damaged, don’t fall into them.

As mentioned above, the Boss likes to Punch people’s faces; which takes away a lot of health. Once you get punched, simply step on your face on the board for recovery.

Use Earth Vellumental whenever you see light surrounding the boss. This way you’ll prevent the attack and will cause the boss to flip over.

Take advantage of this situation and use 1000-Fold Arms once the boss is flipped over and drain a ton of his HP. Once you’ve defeated the Boss, you’ll receive an increase in Max Confetti.

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