Paper Mario The Origami King Heart Island Guide

As you set sail from Mushroom Island, your next destination will be Heart Island. We have prepared a detailed Paper Mario The Origami King Heart Island guide to lead you throughout the whole level in this Purple Streamer level of Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Paper Mario The Origami King Heart Island

As you start the level, just go to the east of the island right away. You will see that there are small buttons on the ledges, so you need to press the button that is right below the palm tree.

In response, the toad statue you saw first will change the stone tablet with stone ball.

There is also an area with a block which you can access by going through the tunnel and emerging to the west.

Now as you see the big heart platform, there is a button right next to it, got through the gap and press it and now you have the gap between the ramp that is connecting to statue is filled.

Now as you did with the other two buttons, go to the south side of the island and press the button and you will see that statue will release the stone ball that it is holding.

Now you have a way to get to the statue, just jump over the stone ball and get to the statue, there will be a message written, so read it.

This is all you need to do in the Heart Island.

Now here is a bonus tip, you need to hit the right and left most hedges to reveal the buttons and then press those buttons and then another ledge and button towards the east of the statue.

Now you will have a bridge to reach to Origami Heart, and this will reveal a toad and you will get +20 HP.

Toad Locations

There are just two toads in the Heart Island:

  • One will be revealed when you get the Origami Heart.
  • There is a treasure, the toad will be inside.

Block Locations

There is only one hidden block:

  • Access the tunnel that gets you from east to west to access the block.

Not-Bottomless Hole Locations

There are five holes in the Heart Island:

  • One is in the wall of the Origami heart platform.
  • One is to the right of Origami Heart Platform.
  • One is to the left of Platform.
  • One is where you find the block.
  • The last one is at the bottom of the Island.

There is no collectible treasure in the Heart Island