Paper Mario The Origami King Handaconda Boss Guide

Our Paper Mario The Origami King Handaconda Boss Guide will walk you through every move The Hand Snake can make and some tips on how by tackling these moves, you can stretch it to its breaking point.

Paper Mario The Origami King features several bosses of a variety of natures and fighting styles. Handaconda is one such boss found in the Throne Room of Bowser’s Castle.

Having the shape of a snake, it is basically a shadowy creature with a hand. Defeating it can be a bit tricky and that’s just the reason why we have this guide below.

Paper Mario The Origami King Handaconda Boss

Before we begin, you should keep in mind that for each turn you get during the course of the battle, you have 60 seconds and you can only rotate the rings 3 times. Also, the battle has two phases.

The first phase of the battle will concentrate on you freeing Olivia from Handaconda Boss while in the second phase, you will have to beat Handaconda Boss in Rock, Papers, Scissors to be able to eliminate it.

Handaconda Boss Fight
The first and foremost thing to remember about this fight is that do not get too close to the Boss as it will simply flick out the icon where you stand.

Secondly, since the Boss has Olivia, you can’t use Magic Circles against it. Jump Attacks also won’t do the trick.

So, you’re left with only the option of Hammer attack. However, there’s also a limitation to that; you can’t directly hit the Boss as it has Olivia in its grasp.

Use the Hammer from one ring away on the ground and aside from the little damage it deals to the Boss, it will loosen the Boss’ grip on Olivia.

Keep doing this, whenever it’s your turn until Olivia is free.

During the first phase, Handaconda Boss will use it’s Cobra Throw Attack to grasp you and throw you out of the rings. Simply use your guard against it to minimize its effect.

Once you free Olivia, the second phase of the battle begins, and the Magic Circles icons appear on the rings.

However, Handaconda Boss will convert them to the icons of Rock, Paper and Scissors.

To initiate the Rock, Papers and Scissors game, shift your rings in such a way that you end up on any of the three icons. Then, use the 1000 Fold-Arms Attack to begin.

All you need to know about this game is that Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock.

If you get a win, you will be able to perform a rush attack on the Boss and inflict hefty damage, a draw will simply give you another go, while a loss will cause the Boss to perform a deadly attack on you. Guard against this attack to reduce its damage.

Three wins are sufficient to kill this Boss once and for all. As a reward for victory in this boss fight, you get 2550 Gold Coins.

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