Paper Mario The Origami King Graffiti Underground Guide

This Paper Mario The Origami King Graffiti Underground guide will cover the Graffiti Underground level in its entirety including collectible locations.

Graffiti Underground is a Red Streamer level and this guide will go over every step, which also includes certain collectibles.

Paper Mario The Origami King Graffiti Underground

After dropping down the sewer grate in Toad Town, you must head towards the red light and hit it with your hammer to illuminate the dark room.

You will immediately be greeted by the sight of some pretty neat Mario and Peach graffiti. Fill in the hole on the left and then head down the steps to the right.

You will then come across the curator of Musee Champignon and open up the museum in Toad Town.

Head down the next set of stairs and turn on yet another the light switch before fighting off the Swoopers that you will encounter there. Once they’re dealt with, you must fill the Not-bottomless hole to proceed.

Head down the stairs and enter the dark room. You should try to avoid the Scaredy Rats when attempting to turn on the light switch.

This is because when you move a bit forward, you will be thrown into combat with some Swoopers and Scaredy Rats. You need to make sure that you do not give the enemy any opportunity to hit you.

Once they’re dealt with, you will come across the pipe but you’ll have to drain the pool of water before you can use it.

Climb down the ladder to your right and then hit the wall on your left with the hammer to bring forth a bunch of Scaredy Rats.

You will have three actions for this battle so try to win without letting the enemy attack. Then head through the door on the right.

Twist the valve to the left by using the 1000-Fold Arms and this will drain the area above. Head back there and get to the warp pipe.

You can choose to stay behind and get the collectibles in this area before using it to head back to Toad Town.

Head to the former location of the old castle and get your detective hat on before entering the debris. Grab 100-Coins from the left and interact with Luigi’s hat to chat with him.

Then you must smash the wall on the left before proceeding the remains from Peach’s Castle.

Jump up to the white rubble that is to the left of the cracked pots, and then destroy the one at the top to bring forth a previously hidden magic circle which you will use to rescue Luigi from within the wall.

Once he leaves, you can open up the gate and save at the Save Block. Make your way up the tower and then down the next tower.

You will now be in a new part of Toad Town so make you way across the bridge. Hit the right tower three times to drop the Goomba and finish it off to get the magic circle.

Now you can rescue the Blue Toad who owns the Toad Town shop. Rip off the tape on the bridge to be rewarded with a Mushroom.

Head to Picnic Road and voila! You’re done with Graffiti.

Graffiti Underground Collectibles

Toad Locations

  • Immediately at the start of the level, you can find the Toad by the Mario and Peach graffiti
  • Once you’ve taken care of the Scaredy Rats in the room past the hidden stairs, you can destroy the wooden crate floating in the water to find the Toad

Hole Locations

  • Immediately after dropping down, you will find the hole the left of the ladder
  • Another hole can be found after your first scuffle with the Swoopers
  • Head up the hidden stairs to the right of the warp pipe and you will spot this Hole
  • Another Hole can be foun on the wall on the next set of stairs from the previous one
  • Once you’ve taken care of the Scaredy Rats in the room past the hidden stairs, you can get to the hole on the back wall

Collectible Treasure Location

  • This chest will become available after you’ve drained the pool of water blocking your path to the warp pipe

Block Locations

  • After fighting off the Scaredy Rat in the third dark room, you will find a block containing Mushrooms to the left
  • Head up the hidden stairs to the right of the warp pipe, and then follow the path to a dead end. Jump under the square patch to collect the Confetti Bag from the block.