Paper Mario The Origami King Giant Pokey Boss Guide

The mysterious Pokey boss can be fairly challenging if you’re heading in without a plan. In this Paper Mario The Origami King Giant Pokey Boss Guide, we’ll be walking you through a viable strategy along with a few tips and tricks you can employ during the boss fight.

Paper Mario The Origami King Giant Pokey Boss

Pokey is a stack of four spheres, and to get to its head, we’ll have to start cutting everything off below it. To get a chance at doing that, we will have to be vigilant by dodging each of its attacks.

Avoid the spikes, wait till it changes to brown, and then ATTACK! When it falls down, that’s when you close in onto the bottom-most part and destroy it with the hammer.

You can also ram in your boot car for the sake of style.

Cheesing Pokey
A good way to cheese Pokey is by ramming into him with the boot car. Keep driving around him to avoid any of his attacks, and drive straight into him once it falls down.

Do this for the initial three segments. It’ll be really easy to dodge with the increased mobility of the car.

Make sure to use the whistle to get your Boot Car back if you get blown away by a tornado.

Cut the Head Off!
Once Pokey is but a head left. This is when we attempt to finish things off. Before it digs underground, make your way to the top of its head and land your final blow with the hammer.

Healing During the Fight
When you take down one segment of Pokey, it’ll drop red paper that you can use to heal yourself. Don’t forget to grab this every time you take a head out.

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