Paper Mario The Origami King Fire Vellumental Cave Guide

If you’re reading this, then you’ve performed the ritual in the Sandpaper Desert, and are ready to make your way through the third Vellumental dungeon, congratulations! For this Paper Mario: The Origami King Fire Vellumental Cave Walkthrough, we’ll be taking you through the entire level along with the location of each and every collectible.

Paper Mario The Origami King Fire Vellumental Cave

Welcome to Hell!
Enter the cave, and head down the path to the next room. Be careful of the lava, it’ll rob you for 20 health each time you make an accident.

Step onto the platform in the next room and see if you can memorize the light pattern appearing on the platforms. Use it to get to the other side.

Hole 1 – Fill in the hole on the other side.

Save at the save block prior to proceeding to the next room.

Hole 2, and 3 – Fill the two holes after fending off the Paratroopa in the next room.

Once in the room, go through the next door and be ready to fight off Shy Guys with flaming buckets.

Try to whack them while they still have a bucket in their hands to set them ablaze.

Head through the newly opened door, and after that another door! Make your way through the fire-breathing statues.

Hole 4 – At the end of this fiery path, you’ll be able to find the fourth hole.

Continue through the path, and you’ll come across a coin bag in the air.

Secret Block 1,2,3 and 4 – Hit your hammer on the dark spot on the path, and you’ll reveal four hidden blocks which will act as make-shift path, giving you access to the Coin Bag. Drop down and heal at the bench if need be.

Secret Block 5 – Head right from the second part of the path and grab yourself the Ice Flower from the block.

Secret Block 6 to 14 – Keep going all the way south and you’ll find a floating block (Flashy Iron Boots). Hit underneath it to reveal eight more blocks.

Hole 5 – Use confetti to fill the hole on the other path.

Secret Block 15 – And jump over the gap to get to the block that has a Shiny Mushroom.

Hole 6, and 7 – Continue onto the right path and fix up two more holes near the door.

You’ll now find yourself in a small room with a Save Block, save up!

Hole 8 – In this room, you’ll find a hole you can patch up as well.

There’s a Mushroom inside the vase, grab it and head to the next room, where you’ll encounter Shy Guys with buckets of fire yet again. Take care of them and proceed forward.

In the next section, get the 100-Coin, which will alert a Paratroopa.

Hole 9, and 10 – After defeating the Paratroopa, patch the 2 holes down the path and move on. Be careful of the Fire Bro on the right when you’re fixing the 10th hole.

It’s time for a little bit of Temple Run, and by that we mean you won’t be able to turn back. Keep moving forward whilst keeping an eye out for any falling blocks. Make sure to jump when necessary.

The Fire Vellumental!
You’ll now be in the Fire Vellumenatal’s domain! Put on your Iron Boots because normal boots aren’t going to cut it.

The Fire Vellumental boss fight is quite formidable, to see a thorough guide on how to extinguish the flames off of the Vellumental.

After defeating the boss, you can head back to the Sandpaper Desert to activate the Four Towers.

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