Paper Mario The Origami King Fire Vellumental Boss Guide

The third Vellumental Boss in Paper Mario Origami King is all up in flames. We have compiled this guide to help you devise the perfect strategy to bring down The Paper Mario The Origami King Fire Vellumental Boss.

Paper Mario The Origami King Fire Vellumental Boss

You will face this boss in none other than Fire Vellumental Shrine and the cinematic entrance that Fire Vellumental Boss has is quite applaudable.

It will enter and the first thing it would do is light up the surroundings in the fire to get some light into the room for the actual battle.

At first glance, it looks like a legendary fire Pokémon. The only way of reminding yourself that you’re in the Mario land is its origami nature.

What’s the first thing you do when you see a fire? You put it out? Right? Well, we’re about to do the same to Fire Vellumental boss so let’s jump right into it.

This is not a real-time battle and you’ll have to turn the rings in order to make your move. You’ll be given 60 seconds per turn and you can move the rings only three times.

The battle will have only a single phase, but it doesn’t mean that putting out this fire would be easy. It could take you an easy 20 minutes to finish off this boss, so buckle up.

Fire Vellumental Boss is fond of spreading blazing feathers across the puzzle after every round.

You’ll have to look out for them while turning the rings. If you land on any one of them, you’ll lose a bit of HP.

The easiest attack that you can carry out on this boss is attacking it with Iron Boots. In case you decide to use your ordinary boots on top of the fire, it might backfire.

Once you have dealt it sufficient damage using Iron Boots, it’s about high time that you bring in Water Vellumental.

What better way to defeat a Vellumental boss by pitting it against another Vellumental boss?

Water Vellumental will bury this boss in water spurts with its every move. Not just this, but it will also clear out the blazing feathers that Fire Vellumental boss has scattered across the rings.

Finally, you can use 1000 Fold Arms against the Fire Vellumental boss. The downside is, if you use 1000 Fold Arms and still don’t manage to finish off this boss, it will fully replenish its health.

So, make sure, you have lowered its HP bar before attempting this move.

Whatever the case might be, watching those funky long arms thrashing the fire dragon across the battle floor is a treat in itself.

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