Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Temple Guide

This is a walkthrough of Earth Vellumental Temple, which is a temple in Paper Mario. This Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Temple guide also includes the locations of all the collectibles of this temple as well as tips for Earth Vellumental, the first boss that players will come across in the game.

There are 7 Toads in Earth Vellumental that need to be rescued, 11 bottom-less holes to be filled, 3 collectible treasures and 12 Hidden Blocks to be discovered.

Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Temple

After you’ve grabbed the four Shell Stones, go back to the entrance of the Earth Vellumental Temple, insert the stones here and head inside.

The temple will have you donate during your tour so that you learn the history of the Earth Vellumental.

There will be a box at the entrance of the temple, go near it and use 10 coins to listen to the first part of the story.

There will be a block floating towards the left of the red coin box here. There will be a Fire Flower inside this block. After you get past the stairs, activate the box that you find here to listen to the second part of the story.

Make sure you keep interacting with each of the stations in the temple. By hitting the rock placed near the second red box, you will reveal a Toad.

After you get to the third station of the tour, listen in on the box before realizing that a Toad got trapped inside it. Use the hammer and pull out to save the Toad.

After activating the fourth station here, take the stairs that lead downwards below the lights. You will see that the second last one (the fifth lamp) will not be lit.

Jump beneath it to touch it and reveal a Toad and use your hammer to save the Toad.

Before you get to the fifth station, towards the end of the path, there will be a rock that you have to crack open to reveal three toads.

Two of them will be near the divine picture, while the third one will go below the stairs. You will have to use the hammer on the yellow bug on the wall to rescue it, while the other one will be on the ground.

The one who ran away will be on the stairs that are located towards the left of the third station. You will find it crawling near the staircase.

Hit it with the hammer as soon as it gets near you to rescue the Toad.

You will have to pay 50 coins for the last part of the tour, where you will activate a station. Head towards the wall and use your hammer to knock it down.

Head down the path into the cave. You will have to search for a floating block near the torch on the wall, alongside the statue of a turtle with horns. There will be a Mushroom inside it.

After breaking down the wall and furthering into the cave, you will come across some moving pillars.

The ground will have spikes, so you’ll need to be careful while jumping across these. Make sure you use the Save Block to save your progress in the cave before you head to the moving pillars.

The first Not-Bottomless Hole will be located near a tall pillar, briefly after the Save Block. The pillar won’t move till you fix the hole.

The pillar will allow you to get to the next platform once it’s fixed.

There will be a rock next to the doorway after you get past the pillars. Break it down and you will be able to heal. Head rightwards and get to the next room.

There will be a few Origami Koopa Troopas who will attack you after you reach the next room.

The ones that hide themselves in their shells will have to be handled by you jumping on them and kicking it down towards the others. In this way, you will hurt more enemies.

Once you’ve dealt with the Troopas, head down the path and be wary of the spikes while you cross the platforms.

There will be a large platform here which will look like a turtle. Head down the bottom left leg of the turtle to get to the Collectible Treasure 25.

Once you’ve grabbed the treasure, go back and utilize your extending hands to get to the next area.

While you move past the bridge here, there will be a block with 100 coins inside it on the first moving platform.

Once you get to the second moving platform, you will find another block here with 100 coins inside it. Hit the blocks to get the coins.

Once you reach the next turtle-like platform, there will be an Origami Koopa Troopa here. Head down the bottom right leg of the turtle platform after you’ve defeated the Troopa.

You will find this dark-colored patch on the floor. Jump after standing on this patch of mud/dirt to reveal a block. There will be a Fire Flower in the block that you find here.

Head back towards the main room, the second Not-Bottomless Hole will be on the pillar that is not moving. You will find it when you head back towards the turtle platform.

The Not-Bottomless Hole that you found near the moving pillar will have a box before it with Shiny Boots inside.

There will be a Not-Bottomless Hole on this pillar that goes down in the main room. You can ride the pillar down and hop left towards the rocks, where you might find some coins.

In the main room of the temple where you will have to fill the Not-Bottomless Hole of the pillar that goes down.

Go into the cave towards your left, where you will find the curator of the temple with two Swoopers.

Fight the Swoopers to save the Toad. This will be the last Toad rescue for the Earth Vellumental Temple.

After you’ve repaired the Not-Bottomless Hole on the moving pillar located inside the main room. Go up on this pillar and towards the door that you find.

Head inside the door and you will find a block located after the first pillar that moves outwards in this room.

The block will contain a Shiny Hammer. You can equip this hammer, but don’t use the hammer until you get to the end of the temple.

There will be three moving pillars in the middle which may be rather difficult for you to pass.

The timing on the pillars will be different from the rest, which is why you might face some difficulty trying to get across these. You can allow yourself to drop to the area below the pillars, though you will have to fight some enemies here.

In the room with pillars that push you towards the edge; you will find a Not-Bottomless Hole when all of the pillars go down.

Fix the Hole and at the end of this path, you will find the Collectible Treasure 26.

There will be a pillar with the fifth Not-Bottomless Hole on it at the start of the room that has the pillars that go outwards. Fix this Not-Bottomless Hole and it will get you back to the upper level.

The room with the outward moving pillars will have a lower level where you fixed the Not-Bottomless Hole.

Drop yourself to this level and search for a Block towards the right of the last torch here. There will be a Coin Bag inside this Block. The Coin Bag has 1,000 coins.

There will be another Block on top of the last block. So, head to the upper level and jump on the last Block that you found to reveal this one. There will be a Coin Bag inside this Block too.

Head back to the pillars where you will now have to notice the patterns of their movements so that you can get across them. They will have two patterns, Left, Middle and Right or Right, Middle and Left.

You will have to jump when the left pillar comes out first so that you can get across the obstacle. Jump to the next platform as soon as you reach the third pillar so that you do not fall off.

Head straight across the moving pillars to get to a wall with the sixth Not-Bottomless Hole.

There will also be a large rock in the corner which you can hit to restock your confetti. Now head left and across the first pillar to wait until the second pillar comes up.

The second last outwards moving pillar will have this small entrance to its right through which you can enter another hallway.

You will find the seventh Not-Bottomless once you go upstairs. There will be a Block above the large Hole. Fix the Hole to get to the Block which will have 100 coins inside it.

In the next area, you will run into a rock that you will have to destroy after which an Origami Koopa Troopa will appear.

Defeat your enemy and head along the path. Eventually, you will get to some fire traps.

For the first fire trap, all you have to do is get between the fire and tread slowly while matching your speed with that of the trap.

The second moving fire trap will be rotating around you, which is why it will be tricky to get across this one.

Wait till the Origami Koopa shell passes by and then jump across the flames one by one.

This one will have some empty space between the fire traps, and you will have to wait for the empty space before you can walk across.

You will find the eighth and ninth Not-Bottomless Holes before the second fire trap.

Break the rocks here to refill your confetti. Continue forward and you’ll get to the third fire trap. This one will also have empty spaces in between.

Though this trap will be faster, and it will deal more damage. Heal yourself before attempting this one by using a Mushroom.

There will be another Not-Bottomless Hole right in front of the third moving fire trap.

After passing the trap, you will come across another Save Block.

The next fire trap will be setup vertically and you will have to wait for the flames to pass before you walk ahead. Make your way through the trap while you break the rock to progress ahead.

As you head past the rotating fire stone, go straight and you will see the last Not-Bottomless Hole in the wall here.

You will have to be quick here to fix it up using your confetti, and when it rolls over you, position yourself in such a way that you fit right in the hole.

Get the MAX UP Heart to increase your health stats by 20 and head forwards. You will reach the room you initially encountered when you head through the wall.

Walk ahead and pull the tape off the pillar located near the wall and use it to get to the area above.

There will be a hidden block towards the left of the entrance that leads to the boss. You will find it below the turtle-like statue.

The Block will have Collectible Treasure 27 inside. The last Block will be between the torch and the statue with a Coin Bag inside it.

Earth Vellumental Boss Battle Mechanics
After you get to the entrance and before you enter, make sure you equip the Shiny Hammer you obtained from a Block previously.

You can also utilize the Guard Plus, along with the Heart Plus accessories that you can find at the shop located outside the Earth Vellumental Temple.

Hit up the Save Block and continue up the stairs to begin the boss battle. In boss battles, you will see how Mario is on the sides while the Boss is in the middle of the battle place.

Arrows are needed to be placed in a way so that Mario can move towards the boss to attack. Since this will be your first boss battle, Olivia will run you through the details of how all of this works.

Arrows will need to be drawn next to Mario, which will then allow Mario to face in the clockwise, anticlockwise, and central directions.

Mario continues to travel in a particular direction until he comes across an arrow that points in another direction.

There will also be attack icons on the rings which will indicate the spots from where Mario can attack.

The hammer will have a short-range, which is why Mario will need to have his attack icon placed next to the boss that you have to hurt.

Earth Vellumental Boss Battle Tips
In this Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Temple boss battle, the boots won’t be of much use while you will be required to utilize your hammer and deal damage to the boss’ head, tail, and its legs.

After a few rounds, you will be able to completely control Mario; since at first, Olivia will be teaching you the basics. Choose the Shiny Hammer to attack the boss.

Once you’ve attacked the boss, the boss too, will hurt you back. Vellumental will use a Sandblast which will damage you thrice. Use A to guard yourself from each hit.

In the second round, there will be more options in battle that Olivia will guide you through.

Once you’re done with the second round too, you will have to deal with the boss without Olivia’s help. Though you can always use X to ask for hints.

The icons will be placed randomly on the rings. There will also be new stuff like Hearts, Buffs, Notes, and Chests on the rings.

Notes will let you in on some tips to defeat the boss. For an instance, the Notes that you will open during this battle will tell you to aim for Vellumental’s limbs with your Hammer.

The Chests will contain coins, buffs, hearts, and other goodies. Though you would have probably had positioned your movements before you could open the chests, so they may or may not be helpful.

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