Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Boss Guide

In our Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Boss guide, we will tell you about Earth Vellumental Boss and all the tips and tricks that you need to know in order to defeat this particular Vellumental Boss. It can be a little tricky at times due to the time limitation, but we are here for you so don’t worry. Let’s get started.

Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Boss

Earth Vellumental is a very powerful boss and it’s made of Origami. It is the first boss that you will come across in The Origami King in the Earth Vellumental temple.

It looks like a turtle and just like a turtle, a super sturdy shell protects its body. The only weak points are its legs and a tail.

This will be the first boss fight so Olivia will help you get through this battle.

Basic Tips
You will have 60 seconds to move your rings 2 times per each turn so choose your rotations wisely.

You will see arrows of different directions on rings. You have to rotate the rings to arrange arrows in such a way that you can go to your desired location.

There will be an action panel as well on the ring. You have to place the action panel from where you want to attack your enemy and adjust the arrows accordingly.

Battle with Earth Vellumental
Earth Vellumental is a turtle, so you have to target its legs and tail first. You have to stand right in front of the legs to attack them, so you have to rotate the rings accordingly.

The action panel must be right in front of the leg, during each turn. Use a hammer to attack the legs of the Earth Vellumental.

Each time you hit any part of the Earth Vellumental, that part will be retracted back into the shell of Earth Vellumental.

After eliminating his legs from the equation, go for his tail and then his head at the last.

Once you have only a single shell on the battlefield, use the 1000 Fold Arms Magic Circle to grab the boss with your super long arms and throw the shell up in the air to put the final nail in the coffin.

Don’t forget to block its attacks by pressing A. You won’t be able to completely block its attacks but you will definitely reduce the damage.

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