Paper Mario The Origami King Diamond Island Guide

This Paper Mario The Origami King Diamond Island guide will help you get to Diamond Island as well walkthrough of the island itself.

Paper Mario The Origami King Diamond Island

After about halfway through the game, you will finally have access to The Great Sea in The Origami King. It’s here where you’ll find Diamond Island.

Diamond Island is home to three shrines each with a key that will help you get to the next streamer.

How to get to Diamond Island
The island is hidden off and you need to explore surrounding islands to discover it’s location.

In general, the island is in D3 block of the map, between Moon and Clover islands. The island is completely submerged and you’d need to swim down to find it.

Once you have found the Island, you will realize that you need the Diamond key to enter the island.

The key can be obtained from Mushroom Island, just East of Heart Island. It’s easy to find, and once you’re there you’ll find Luigi. He’ll give you the Diamond Key and head off on his own for the rest of the game.

The main purpose of heading to Diamond Island is to pick up the three orbs required to enter the Sea Tower.

Go down from the Ice Vellumental Mountain. In front of the Red Temple, step onto the rainbow-colored Magic Circle.

Rainbow-colored Magic Circles give Olivia the power to transform into any Vellumental.

Transform into the Earth Vellumental to lower the Red Temple and gain access to it. Go inside the Red Temple to start the Trial of Power.

As you enter he Red Temple, look behind the statue placed at the back of the room. You will see a small red circle, step on the circle to begin one of the three trials, The Trial of Power.

Trial of Power
The trail has three different stages. Each stage has different objectives that you need to complete.

Stage 1: Jump to break different blocks by jumping on them within the time limit. Three type of boxes will appear, small medium and large.

Small boxes require 1 hit to break, medium boxes require 3 hits and large boxes require 6 hits. When the stage is complete, step in the small magic circle to proceed.

Stage 2: Use your hammer to destroy different boxes in the time limit. For medium and large boxes, you can charge your hammer by holding B then swing by pressing A.

Do not charge for small boxes as they only take 1 hit and charging for them will waste your time. Also keep in mind, scoring an Excellent hit will count for 3 normal Hammer swings.

Stage 3: Smash the giant nail into the floor within 40 seconds. Wait for the steps to appear, go to the top of the giant nail, and the stage’s buttons and controls will be explained.

For best results, chain jump combos in the beginning, then finish it off with excellent hammer hits.

Once you are done with all the stages and the trial is completed, collect the Power Orb and exit the temple to go to attempt Trial of Wisdom.

Trials of Wisdom
Head east to the Blue Temple and stand in the rainbow-colored Magic Circle.

Freeze the water using the Ice Vellumental. Once the water is frozen, enter the Blue Temple.

Once inside the temple, interact with the Toad statue to begin the Trials. These again have 3 stages that you need to complete in order to get the Wisdom Orb.

Stage 1: All you have to do is answer in-game questions to pass the 1st stage within the time limit. Jump on the blue box for yes, and red for no.

Stage 2: Similar to stage 1 but with somewhat more difficult questions.

Stage 3: The final stage is a logic puzzle. There will be either two Toads telling the truth or one liar, or two liars and one Toad telling the truth. Speak with Toads A, B, and C and judge the odd Toad out.

We will soon add the answers to all the questions and quiz for these Trials.

Once you are done, collect the Wisdom Orb and exit the temple.

Trials of Courage
Head east to the Green Temple and stand in the rainbow-colored Magic Circle. Surround it with water using the Water Vellumental, and freeze the water with the Ice Vellumental.

Once the water is frozen, enter the Green Temple.

Once in the temple, you can start the Trial of Courage:

Stage 1: Press A to pull the rope and drop the Iron weight. Be attentive as you need to press A again when the iron weight is next to the arrow.

Time it good. Too early and you will fail. Too late and Mario will be flattened. As the items are measured from the bottom, so even if the top of the weight is slightly above the line, it will be counted as a pass.

Stage 2: Same as Stage 1, but the arrow is now closed to Mario.

Stage 3: Works just like Stage 2, but the item is a Thwomp that falls faster. Pull the rope when the bottom of the Thwomp passes the line.

Once you are done with the Trial, collect the Courage Orb. With this, you are done with Diamond Island. Get back in the submarine and head back to the Sea Tower.

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