Paper Mario The Origami King Chestnut Valley Guide

The way to get to Chestnut valley is possible by jumping off a bridge. You heard it right and this Paper Mario The Origami King Chestnut Valley guide will cover all the details you need for the level including Chestnut Valley collectible locations.

Paper Mario The Origami King Chestnut Valley

The bridge you need to jump off of is located in the Autumn Mountain. You will land directly in the Chestnut valley.

The starting area has three holes, a block with a 100-Coin, and a treasure chest on the southern ledge for you to collect.

The Path above you will have a rolling chestnut passing through, and you will have to play dodgeball with these huge chestnuts to progress and generally stay alive.

Dodge or jump into one of the holes in the wall to avoid being crushed. Reaching the corner, jump on the yellow ledge on the right and jump to reveal a hidden block containing a Shiny Mushroom.

Your path to progress is with the path with space for only one chestnut. Time your run so you don’t get hit by a rolling chestnut, you could also break the cracked area of the wall to take shelter.

Reach the top and take out a Goomba there. The tree drops a chestnut that crack to give a chestnut trio, three toads, so give it a whack or two.

There are two holes just past the tree along with a third hole before the falling chestnut section.

As soon as a chestnut drops is your best chance to cross successfully. Use the shadows of chestnuts to determine when the next one will drop as you progress along.

Between the two falling chestnut sections is a chest and Booby on a ledge below.

After dealing with the collectibles make your way to the save block after crossing the falling chestnut sections. There will be Goombas in the tree near the save block, deal with them.

After the battle you will see the three toads again and there is a chest at the end of the path for you to open.

Turn North from the save block and soon chestnuts will start rushing at you from both sides and after bobby gets knocked out Another battle starts, be sure to fill the hole in the wall before progressing.

The Maze
Next up is the chestnut maze. A good way to regain health points is by accessing a dark circle on the ground near the start.

The ledge on the right leads to a block with a Fire Flower and another hole on the right can give you 10 coins if hit repeatedly.

Move the moving chestnuts to the first or third lanes and run to the opposite lanes to get across. Another rescuable toad is located near the black wall in the dark circle that you have to hit.

There will be more rolling chestnuts, make effective uses of cracks in the wall for cover.

Bobby will be above you and unreachable, so what you will need to do instead is to use the warp pipe to get down to the ledge below. Which will allow you to reach not only Bobby but also another block full of 100 coins.

Now there will be a Goomba and a tree in front of you, deal with the goomba and hit the tree until Bobby is free. And Bobby at this point will start rolling down the hill, prompting you to chase him again.

The area bobby finally stops in will have several Goombas. With the battle finished, wake Bobby up. Before leaving, grab the butterfly Toad.

Now you need to get out fortunately by now you will have gotten the tape you needed to make the gate work back at the Autumn Mountain, just south of which are the three holes for you to patch and a block with a Coin Bag inside up for grabs.

Head over to the shrine and step on one of the two switches to open up the door to the Water Vellumental Shrine.

Chestnut Valley Collectible Locations

Toad Locations

Toad 1,2, and 3 – Whack the tree giving you a hard time with the spiked nuts. A spiked nut will drop, crack it to rescue three toads.

Toad 3,4, 5 and 6 – After the part where nuts are falling from above. Head south and knock the Goombas out of the tree. Twist the ring with the missing spot so the Goomba can slide into it. Move the ring back to its original place, and then hit the tree to find three toads.

Toad 7 – Go through the chestnut maze, you’ll find a dark circle at the back wall where a Toad is residing.

Toad 8 – You can find flowers on your right at the exit. Wait for it to get to the flowers and then hammer it to rescue Toad.

Hole Locations

Holes 1,2, and 3 – You can find three holes right ahead of you, just after you fall into the wondrous Chestnut Valley.

Holes 4, and 5 – Once you’ve gone past the rolling spiked nuts, you can fill in two holes in the wall just after the tree.

Hole 6 – You can find the sixth hole before the spiked nuts falling from up above.

Hole 7 – Head North from the save block and you can find a hole on the wall to the left of you.

Hole 8 – As you get cornered by the chestnuts, fill the hole in the wall prior to leaving the area.

Hole 9, and 10 – After exiting the chestnut maze, you’ll find two holes in the wall.

Hole 11, and 12 – Two holes can be found after dealing with the final rolling chestnut.

Treasure Locations

Treasure 1 – Head south from where you initially land in Chestnut Valley and drop down the ledge to find a chest.

Treasure 2 – You can find a treasure after the falling spiked nuts. Drop to the ledge and you can find Bobby along with the chest.

Treasure 3 – Head south past the falling nuts and you can find a chest if you follow the path till the very end.

Block Locations

Block 1 – You can find the first block to the right of your initial landing spot in Chestnut Valley. Free 100 coins!

Block 2 – While you jump over the chestnuts at the very start of the level, jump over the yellow ledge to your right. Jump here, and you’ll discover a hidden block with a Shiny Mushroom.

Block 3 – You can find a block on a ledge below in the chestnut maze with a Fire Flower.

Block 4 – Remember where you found Bobby? Next to the treasure chest? Reach the ledge up from him and hit the block to get another free 100 coins

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