Paper Mario The Origami King Autumn Mountain Guide

The Origami King’s very first Blue Streamer level is called ‘Autumn Mountain’. The Paper Mario The Origami King Autumn Mountain level is quite complex, and if you attempt it without knowing anything about it beforehand, you might end up confused and frustrated.

To help you complete Autumn Mountain in Paper Mario: The Origami King as well as find every collectible with ease, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through the entire level, step by step.

Paper Mario The Origami King Autumn Mountain

Take the Tram to Autumn Mountain
After you finish the Overlook Tower and destroy the Red Streamer, make your way to the Overlook Mountain and head to the tram station there. Find the Toad who runs it and agree to take the tram ride.

Bob-omb will accompany you on the tram and will subsequently become part of your team.

Autumn Mountain
After arriving at Autumn Mountain, you’ll see a Toad on the floor to your right who is in need of saving. After saving him, you also have to rescue the blue Sea Captain Toad who is near the stairs.

Hit the ?-Block behind the platform station to get yourself 100 coins and then get to the little hidden area between the wall to your right and the tram station. Get to the middle of this area and then jump to hit an invisible ?-Block, which will reward you with a Shiny Hammer.

Now, exit the tram station by heading to the left. Follow Bob-omb into the chasm until a cutscene is trigger. After that, go up the path in this chasm that takes you up the mountain.

You’ll come across some Origami Soldiers on your way. There will also be some spiked enemies who you can only damage them using your Iron Boots.

After taking care of the enemies and arriving at the waterless lake, get to the boat on the right side of your screen to trigger another cutscene. Once it is over, enter the place above by going up the stairs.

To your left, you’ll see an Origami Monkey standing on some tuna cans. He’ll run away if you get close to him so just leave him be for the moment. Head down the path to your right and Bob-omb will help you find the Water Vellumental Shrine.

After you find that, continue down the path and you’ll encounter the Water Vellumental Magic Circle. Then, go up the stairs to the right.

There is a little opening at the bottom of the stairs which will help you get under the staircase and grab the collectible treasure there.

Tall Grass Plains
Now, travel towards the Tall Grass Plains. Use your Toad Sensor to find the Toads in the tall grass and then rescue them using your hammer.

Head to the right side of this area this field to enter a secret area. Walk to the end of the little hidden path to the left and jump down to the cave below you.

You’ll find a Toad to your right. Rescuing this Toad will reward you with a Max UP Heart +5.

Walk to the end of this path and then destroy the wall using your hammer to exit the area. To go up the slope and return to the fields, you’ll have to repair the Not-Bottomless Hole.

Finding Bob-Omb
Leave the plains by heading to the right side of the area. After leaving, you’ll realize that Bob-omb is nowhere to be seen. Go into the tall grass again and walk along the right side of the fence till you’re in the foreground.

Bob-omb is in the Friendship Plaza, talking to a man with a Sombrero on his head. After getting Bob-omb back on your team, heal yourself using the bench by the ledge and then use the Save Block to your right. Now, make your way back to the entry point of the bridge.

As you’re walking across the bridge, a Macho Goomba will show up and he’ll throw Bob-omb off the bridge. If you want to rescue Bob-omb before continuing with the Autumn Mountain, you’ll have to detour to the Chestnut Valley.

How to Return Back to Autumn Mountain from Chestnut Valley
After you complete the Chestnut Valley and get Bob-omb back with you, go along the rising walkway.

On the cliff wall to the right, repair the Not-Bottomless Hole and then keep going up the walkway until you get to the stairway.

Instead of using these stairs, you need to go along the fence in the foreground and then jump down into the area under you.

On the cliff wall, repair the Not-Bottomless Hole and then get yourself a thousand coins by hitting the ?-Block on the left.

After that, walk to the right and get back on the path. Head up the stairs and open the gate by pulling off the tape on it.

This gate will take you back to Autumn Mountain, by the bridge where Bob-omb got knocked off.

Autumn Mountain Satellite Office
Now, walk to the road which takes you to the background and then go up the stairs. As you’re going up the third set of stairs, you’ll see a Not-Bottomless Hole on the cliff wall. Repair it to restore the Sensor Lab’s Autumn Mountain Satellite Office.

Go inside the office to unlock the Fax Travel ability. This will allow you to quickly travel to the Picnic Road.

Exit the Office and return to the path you were on. Keep on moving to the left and get rid of the Origami Paragoomba in your way.

Once you get to the Water Vellumental Shrine sign. There will be a Save Block by it so remember to save.

Look behind the Save Block and you’ll see a hidden pathway. Walk towards the top of the path and you’ll reach a warp pipe which will take you to another secret place by the waterless lake where you can get a bunch of collectibles.

The Water Vellumental Shrine
After collecting all the collectibles in this area, head to the Water Vellumental Shrine by going along the road. Go across the bridges towards the shrine and remember to use the Save Block there. Wait for the Origami Cheep Cheeps to jump over the bridge before moving forward.

Once you finally get to the gate of the shrine, step on any one of the switches there and Bob-omb will stand on the other one. This will open up the gate to the Water Vellumental Shrine.

Rejuvenating the Waterless Lake
After beating the shrine and leaving it, return back to the waterless lake. To do this, go across the bridge ahead of the shrine and then go along the path on the backside of the Save Block.

There will be a warp pipe above you which you can use to get to the waterless lake.

Once you’re there, get to the Magic Circle of Water Vellumental and hit X to fill up this lake with water.

Catching the Origami Monkey
Now, go down the mountain using the river and follow the Blue Streamer. Head to the boat dock by the river and hop in the boat.

After the cutscene ends, exit the boat and look to your left to see the Origami Money on the tuna cans once again. This time, he’ll be dancing.

Go ahead and interact with the monkey. He’ll toss a tuna can at you and then run away. Grab this tuna can and head in the direction where the monkey went.

After going down the stairs, keep moving forward and you’ll arrive at the Tall Grass Plains again.

Once you’re in the plains, you’ll see some white Z symbols above the grass. Walk towards them and you’ll see Spike there. Spike will tell you that he wishes to party.

This means that he wants to go to Friendship Plaza (the place where that guy wearing the Sombrero was talking to Bob-omb).

To get to the entrance of Friendship Plaza, walk into the foreground and keep towards the right side of the plains. The entrance will be by the bottom edge of the plains.

Once you’re in Friendship Plaza with Spike, you’ll realize that you can’t open your tuna can as the dude with the can opener is nowhere to be seen. So, you have to now go looking for him.

Can Opener
Go along the fence to the left and you’ll get to an area by a big square column. As you get near the grass, you’ll be greeted by a bunch of enemies.

Once you defeat them, walk into the tall grass and you’ll see the guy with the can opener there.

Talk to him and then take him back to the party with you. Once everyone is regrouped, talk to the can opener guy and he’ll happily open your can of tuna for you.

Finally, head towards the top right corner of the Tall Grass Plains to reach the small shrine. As you get near this shrine, you’ll get the option to use your can of tuna. Use it and the Origami Monkey will come and eat it.

Hammer the monkey as it is munching on the tuna to save Oarsman Toad. Talking to the Oarsman Toad at the dock will complete Autumn Mountain.

Autumn Mountain Collectible Locations

Toad Locations

Toad #1: When you reach the Tramway Station, you’ll find this crumpled Green Toad right under you.

Toad #2: After you exit the Tramway Station, you’ll see this Blue Toad jumping around.

Toad #3: This toad is behind the Tramway Station (by the white pillar) and is disguised as a red maple leaf.

Toad #4: After you get your 100 coins from the ?-Block, hit the pile of leaves adjacent to it and a yellow maple leaf Toad will come out of it.

Toad #5: Head to the pier for the Downriver Tours and you’ll find this Toad inside an empty tuna can by the sign for the tour.

Toad #6: When you reach the Tall Grass Plains, turn on your Toad Radar. You’ll find the first Toad to the left of the entry point.

Toad #7: In the Tall Grass Plains, there is a small path to the left. Go down this path and then jump down into the hidden hole to find this Toad. You’ll be rewarded with a +5 Max HP for rescuing him.

Toad #8: When you’re at the exit of the underground cave, look to the left and you’ll find this Toad hidden in the tall grass.

Toad #9: Put yourself in front of the exit and look to the right to find the Toad near the fence.

Toad #10: After you get across the bridge, strike the tree to the left of the sign for the Water Vellumental Shrine and a maple leaf Toad will fall down.

Toad #11: This Toad is trapped in the Fax Travel machine in the Sensor Lab.

Toad #12: As you’re going up the very first bridge to head to the shrine, look to the left and you’ll see a tree. Behind this tree is the entrance to a cave that you need to go into. Once through, go outside on the ledge and then hit the stone and it’ll fall down to the ground. This stone will now help you reach the Toad taped to the wall.

Toad #13: When you’re at the Water Shrine, look for a tree by the warp pipe next to the shrine. Whack the tree and a maple leaf Toad will reveal itself.

Toad #14: When you’re crossing the bridge to head to the Water Shrine, hit the Origami Fish in the center and a Toad will pop up.

Toad #15: Use the warp pipe by the Water Shrine to get on the ledge above the dried lake which will allow you to reach the dragonfly. Hit the fly to reveal another Toad.

Toad #16: From where you got the above Toad, jump down onto the shack’s roof and then whack the bush to your left. A magic circle will now show up which can be used to smash the Bug Toad on the cliff.

Toad #17: After rejuvenating the lake, hop in the floating boats and go past the upside-down boats. A Bug Toad will be under the pile of upside-down boats.

Toad #18: From where you got the above Toad, you can get on top of the upside-down boats to reach the top of the crates, which is where a yellow maple leaf Toad is.

Toad #19,20,21: From the upside-down boats where you got Toad #17, go towards the tree far down the left to find these three Toads.

Toad #22: After you give the Origami Monkey Toad the tuna can, hit it as it’s eating the tuna.

Autumn Mountain Not-Bottomless Hole Locations

Hole #1: The first hole is in the corner by the gate adjacent to the Tramway Station.

Holes #2,3,4: These three holes will be by around the first tree you see in this place.

Hole #5: After you rescue the Toad that gives you the +5 Max HP upgrade, exit the place by whacking the wall behind Spiny. As you’re heading out, you’ll see this hole.

Hole #6: This hole can be seen after you cross the bridge. It’s the hole that the sign fell into.

Hole #7: This hole is by the bench and is in the shape of a mushroom. It’ll open the door to the Satellite Office.

Hole #8 & #9: As you’re traveling down the path to the shrine, you’ll see these two holes on the cliffs along this path.

Hole #10,11,12: As you get close to the shrine, you’ll enter an area with red grass. You’ll find these three holes in there.

Hole #13: This hole is on the cliff to the right by the tapered slope.

Hole #14: Use the warp pipe by the Water Shrine to get on the ledge above the dried lake

Hole #15: After you finish the Chestnut Valley and enter the Autumn Mountain, you’ll see this hole on the wall to your right.

Hole #16: From where you found the above hole, head south from the gate and you’ll find this hole adjacent to a block.

Hole #17: Head down the path south of the Chestnut Valley entrance to find this hole.

Hole #18: After rejuvenating the lake, hop in the floating boats and go past the upside-down boats. Look to the left of the treasure chest to find the hole.

Block Locations

Block #1: After you exit the station and enter Autumn Mountain, you’ll see this block right in front of you. It contains 100 coins.

Block #2: This invisible block is hidden in center of the area behind the platform station. It contains a Shiny Hammer.

Block #3: When you’re at the small shrine, look to the gate on the left and you’ll see a tiny hole in it which will allow you to reach this block. It contains a Fire Flower.

Block #4: After you exit the Chestnut Valley, head south and you’ll find this block by a hole. It contains a Coin Bag.

Block #5: After rejuvenating the lake, hop in the floating boats and go past the upside-down boats. Look to the left of the treasure chest to find this block. It contains a Hurlhammer.

Treasure Locations

Collectible Treasure #1: From the area where you can first see the Water Shrine, go down the staircase and at the bottom, you’ll see a little opening. Go into this opening and you’ll find a treasure chest.

Collectible Treasure #2: After you go past Chestnut Valley’s entrance, instead of going up the staircase, head to the right and over the fence. You’ll find a hidden ledge holding this treasure chest.

Collectible Treasure #3: When you’re at the Save Block by the shrine, you’ll see a narrow walkway near it. The treasure chest is at the end of this walkway.

Collectible Treasure #4: After rejuvenating the lake, hop in the floating boats and go past the upside-down boats. The treasure chest is above the lake.