Paladins, SMITE, And Realm Royale Will Have Cross-Play Between All Major Platforms

Cross-play is a reality and every day you will find that it is more common. Paladins, SMITE, And Realm Royale will have cross-play on all major platforms.

Recently it seemed impossible, but the long-awaited cross-play between the most major platforms is already becoming slowly a reality and every day you will find that it is more common. As proof, 3 popular free-to-play games available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC will soon have cross-play available on all of these platforms.

Through a statement, Hi-Rez Studios announced that PlayStation 4 will join the cross-play of Paladins, SMITE and Realm Royale. In other words, all versions of these popular games are now connected with each other, which will allow you to play with your friends who enjoy it on any of these home platforms. I remind you that the cross-play between Xbox One, PC, and Switch was already available in these Hi-Rez Studios games.

But when will this option arrive? According to the official announcement, cross-play arrived today in Paladins for PlayStation 4 with its update ‘Pirate’s Treasure’. On the other hand, it will be available on SMITE from September 17 and Realm Royale will arrive sometime in early October.

It is worth mentioning that, for the moment, this system will not have cross progression or shared purchases on PlayStation 4. That said, Hi-Rez Studios is already working with Sony so that this system reaches the Sony console very soon.

Paladins is basically a game focused on fighting against other players in groups of up to five opponents in which we will have to choose a hero, with unique skills and aspects, to form a balanced team with which to achieve victory. Through a detailed system of points, Hi-Rez increases the strategic range of the game and allows each user to play a real role on the battlefield.

The studio also has designed a lot of different playable heroes, each with 4 normal abilities and one special or superior. These heroes are divided into the following four categories: Front Line, Flank, Damage and Support. All of them are visually modifiable, offering us not only physical customization but also in terms of weapons, armor and much more.

Realm Royale is the well-known battle royale version of Paladins, the famous hero shooter of Hi-Rez Studios. Similar to other battle royale’s, in this title one hundred players throw themselves on an immense map, collect weapons and fight to be the last one standing while the fog approaches.

Realm Royale is not governed by the usual rules of the genre like you would think. At the beginning of each game, we have to choose one of five fantasy classes, which will change our style of play and combat within the game that may change your outcome in different ways.

Smite is a third-party MOBA game in which you embody the role of a mythological god and make him fight on stage, using powers and tactics against other players and their armies. The players are grouped into two teams of between three and five people, and they will have to conquer the map and take down the rival army.

Cross-play between all the major platforms is finally happening, and I am very excited to hear about more games in the future that will support this feature!

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