P.T Inspired Layers of Fear Dated on PS4

Last year, Konami announced Silent Hills in partnership with Guillermo Del Toro. The game featured The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, and was given a complex and creepy demo called P.T.

P.T was exclusive to PlayStation 4, millions of fans tried it out but sadly, it all went downhill when Konami cancelled the entire project. However, P.T was still up and running on tens of thousands of PS4 units across the globe, and many profited from it by selling their systems on eBay with P.T installed.

To this day, we don’t really know what exactly happened with the project. The best guess is that Konami’s changing direction and lack of confidence in AAA gaming space shelved this project.

The good news is that those who miss Silent Hills – P.T can relive the horrors in a very similar game called Layers of Fear. Like Silent Hills, Layers of Fear uses psychological horror, as opposed to jumpscares used in other games, to scare the crap out of you.

The game is coming to PlayStation 4 on February 16, according to an announcement by developer Bloober. Below you can see a very creepy trailer of Layers of Fear.

Developer Bloober stated:

One of the first concepts we had for the game was a focus on fine art, and we have made it one of the most important ones. A lot of the artists in our studio have a MA degree in Art and are fascinated by what our predecessors have created. Disturbing paintings of murders and religious reckonings have been in our culture for centuries and are a never-ending bank of ideas and inspiration that haunt people to this day. So why not reinterpret this inspiration into a truly unique horror game? That’s exactly what we did.

Liking Layers of Fear?

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