P.T Demo on PS4 is Being Killed by Konami, Reports

P.T Demo is back in the news once again after Konami canceling it in the past. It’s now being reported that there’s a new patch which disables P.T Demo from being played on PS4.

This information comes from Reddit, where a user shared a screenshot of the game details with a lock and said that it’s not playable anymore. Now interestingly this update says that the version of the game is 1.01 and the last update was done on October 22, 2018. The application starting writes that it’s ineligible to start the game.

“Konami may be removing the ability to play PT for people who still have it downloaded on their PS4 through a new patch that went out today. Unconfirmed, but people are reporting the game is bricked after the update.”

Since then everyone has checked their own version of the game and most of them say that it’s running fine. No update has arrived and the game is on version 1.00. Now another guess is that the user is in different geographical region meaning that this patch could arrive sometime later for other users.

Do take this with a grain of salt as there’s not much proof other than this.

Konami has yet to respond to the situation and we hope that this is not really happening. Konami already took it away from the PlayStation Store. Since the removal, fans of the game have found other ways to download the game. PS4 consoles having P.T Demo are still available and you can get them for an insane amount from eBay.

Now the best way to save your game is to turn off auto updates from your settings on PS4. You can also transfer the game to an external hard or even buy another PS4 to preserve it as it looks like Konami doesn’t want us to play it.

P.T. was indeed a masterpiece and the fans absolutely hate Konami for what they did to a masterpiece from Hideo Kojima. Fans of the game have done their best to preserve the game in every way possible.

Well if you can’t get over Silent Hill P.T then you should check out the Layers of Fear 2 which is said to release in 2019.

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