Orisa, the Robot, Is Overwatch’s Newest Hero, Not Doomfist

Overwatch’s newest hero has finally been revealed. While it isn’t Doomfist, she’s related to him.

The robot Orisa, Overwatch’s third robot and the game’s 24th hero, is currently undergoing testing in the game’s Public Test Realm. S

he will be filling the role of a tank character, serving as her team’s “central anchor.”

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Orisa was born from the wreckage of one of Numbani’s OR15 defense robots, which was destroyed during the same attack on the city that saw Doomfist’s gauntlet stolen (which you could see in a change to the Numbani map).

Numbani’s resident robotics genius Efi Oladele bought the wreckage of one of the robots and, with some modifications, turned it into Overwatch’s newest hero.

Though she’s only a month old and still learning about the world, Orisa is a powerful combatant with a lot of cool abilities.

In addition to her fusion driver machine gun, Orisa is also able to project a shield to help protect her teammates. However, she can only put it down in one place; she can’t move with it like Reinhardt can. Her “Forify” ability also helps to reduce incoming damage.

She also has an ability called “Halt!” which can grab enemies and pull them around corners or into one another to all hit at once. Not to mention her ultimate, which is a supercharger that can help to power up the damage that allies deal in her line of sight.

All in all, Overwatch’s newest hero appears to be a mix of a variety of other tanks and support classes, with a variant of Reinhardt or Symmetra’s shield, Ana’s damage boosting, Zarya’s graviton surge, and more. Hopefully once she’s out of the game’s Public Test Realm we’ll be able to see what she can really do.

There’s no telling when Orisa will be released, but she’s definitely going to shake up the meta when she comes.