Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Gets A Yeti Winston Boss Fight Mode

If one thing makes Overwatch so popular and makes players go back to it even after long periods of inactivity, is the game’s events. As happened last year, the winter holiday event, Overwatch Winter Wonderland will also take place this month, bringing a new PvE mode, new skins, and cosmetics for all Overwatch Heroes.

Jeff Kaplan, in the latest developer update video, announced that this new mode coming with the Overwatch Winter Wonderland will be a PvE brawl called “Mei’s Yeti Hunt” and will feature a team of 5 Meis fighting against a Yeti skinned Winston while he’s on his ultimate state Primal Rage. The Yeti will have to look around and find powerups to charge his ultimate and the Meis will be setting traps and trying to find him.

The fact that there are 5 Meis on one team, instead of six, is for 6 person parties to be able to occupy a whole match and switch the Yeti part with one another. As Kaplan revealed, all Meis will also have an extra ability, setting ice traps all around the map for Yeti Winston to step on.

As for last year’s event mode, Mei’s Global Snowball Offensive will be back playable on both Antarctica and the Black Forest map. The latter will be getting the appropriate holiday decorations along with Kings Row and Hanamura who got theirs last year.

Last but not least, Kaplan hinted some of the legendary skins coming on Overwatch Winter Wonderland event. He revealed that “the Junkers” Junkrat and Roadhog will be getting one as well as Hanzo, who will be receiving a skin that we previously saw in a comic. Do you think it’s the casual Hanzo with the man-bun we seen in the “Reflections” comics last year? We hope so!

What would you like to see in this year’s Overwatch Winter Wonderland? Will you try out the Yeti Winston Boss Fight Mode?

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