Overwatch Will Never Release for Mac Because of Apple’s “Technology Decisions”

While BlizzCon 2017 was underway over the weekend, rumors began pouring out that Overwatch is set for a potential release on Mac in the near future.

This belief was largely based on the discovery of an installer for the game on the platform in question. Posting on Reddit, fans stated that Overwatch had appeared in the Battle.net client for Mac but the game was unplayable after downloading. Hence, there was fleeting hope that the developer will make the official announcement soon.

Speaking with Gadgets360 in an interview, gameplay systems lead engineer Tim Ford shut down the floating rumors by stating that what is being asked cannot be done due to limitations.

“We have no plans of giving [sic] this game on the Mac,” Ford said. “There are several technology decisions that Apple has made that has made it a little difficult for us to release Overwatch in the way we want it to be consumed, and that is why we haven’t pursued it.”

It appears that the reason Overwatch suddenly appeared for Mac was because of a bug in the client. While game director Jeff Kaplan has previously mentioned that Blizzard likes to keep an “open mind” regarding a Mac version for the game, the latest explanation from the developer makes it clear that Apple must extend a welcoming hand to get Overwatch on its platform.

Overwatch recently passed 35 million players worldwide and concluded its sixth competitive season.


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