Overwatch Update 3.05 Released For Experimental Mode

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new patch for the game’s experimental mode, a public test area that allows players who have access to it the ability to try out updates before they’re implemented, if they are. Overwatch update 3.05 has been released into this mode to test out the updates beforehand.

The patch adds a large number of updates to different heroes in the game. This starts with Orisa, whose Fortify ability now prevents critical headshot damage while it’s active, helping it feel more consistent as a defense option.

Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns have also been adjusted, reducing their spread from 8 to 6 and reducing their projectile damage from 7 to 6. Winston’s base armor and health have also been changed, going from 100/400 to 150/350.

Wrecking Ball has also gotten some adjustments in the update. His Grapple Claw ability has had its knockback strength reduced by 25 percent due to concerns from Blizzard that it was too strong. But heroes aren’t the only things that have been adjusted with Overwatch update 3.05.

While there’s not really much else to show on it, the game’s new Bounty Hunter event that was added for the Lunar New Year has also been changed. The change is that if you take too long to get a kill as a bounty target, you’ll lose your bounty status and not be hunted anymore.

Another adjustment to the Bounty Hunter holiday brawl was that if the active bounty target left the game, no one else could be designated as the target for the rest of the game. That issue has been fixed by the update.

While there’s no telling if the adjustments to heroes in the experimental area of Overwatch will be carried over, if you have access to the Experimental part of the game, feel free to download Overwatch update 3.05 to see for yourself. Various new abilities, and new characters, have previously been placed there as a sneak-peek, so this is a good chance if one of your favorite heroes has been altered.