Overwatch Strafing Guide – How to Strafe and Counter Strafe

Like with most FPS games, becoming a better Overwatch player requires more than map awareness and decent aim. While most players may not be familiar with Overwatch strafing, it is definitely something which separates good players from average ones.

Movement is easily one of the most underrated and underutilized aspect of any FPS experience and Overwatch is no exception. Overwatch strafing will allows players to survive for longer durations of time and receive less damage.

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Overwatch Strafing Guide

Our Overwatch Strafing Guide details everything you need to know about strafing in the game.

Overwatch Strafing – How to

There are different types of strafing in the game, each one having its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

AD Strafe
A > D > A > D

You basically need to move left to right, right to left in quick succession. By doing this, you will force opponent heroes to miss their shots and pre-aim in order to get a successful shot. However, you need to make sure that you do not do this too rapidly or it will appear like you are standing still and give your opponents a chance to pin you down.

A Strafe & D Strafe
A > A > A > A or D > D > D > D

This Overwatch strafing technique is useful in one on one fights. This biggest advantage of this strafing technique is that your opponent will never think that you will continue to strafe in one direction. However, this strafing technique is primarily used in medium-to-long range engagements. Using it during CQC will cause some other opponent to eliminate you or using an AOE attack.

Counter Strafe
A > D > D > A

The final Overwatch strafing technique is the most advanced and most random of all! Using this technique, you will leave your opponents guessing where you will move next. However, like with AD strafe, if you move too rapidly or using a large character model i.e. Reinhardt, there are chances that you will get caught.

In addition to simply moving in random direction, you can also include things like jumping or crouching into the mix to further confuse your opponents. Once perfected, you will definitely become a harder target to hit and will survive longer than other heroes in the game.

This is all we have on Overwatch Strafing Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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