Overwatch Retribution Mission Is Coming On April 10 As First Of Overwatch Archives

The first mission out of the Overwatch Archives after the previous King’s Row Uprising mission has been revealed by Blizzard, and the Overwatch Retribution mission will be coming to the game on April 10. The mission takes players eight years into the past on a Blackwatch mission with Reaper, Moira, Genji, and McCree.

The four Blackwatch oepratives have come to Venice in order to investigate an incident, only to find that a huge army of soldiers from the terrorist organization Talon (who turned Amélie LaCroix into Widowmaker, and are the organization that Sombra, Reaper, Doomfist, and Moira now work for) have invaded the city.

The Overwatch team must now fight their way out of the city through hordes of Talon operatives, using all of their skills and techniques to do so. The Overwatch Retribution mission’s reveal is likely related to the news story that Blizzard released several days ago, talking about an attack on an Overwatch watchpost in Oslo, in Norway.

Players going through the Retribution mission will have to contend with a variety of Talon troops, such as regular Talon troopers, Talon Assassins that can leap onto walls, and heavy Talon soldiers with huge miniguns that can unleash a storm of bullets.

The trailer for the Overwatch Retribution mission offers players a chance to go through the mission that changed “Everything”, but it doesn’t quite go into detail on what it means. Either way, we might very well get some sort of lore dump in the mission, and it might help us to realize more about what happened to bring down Overwatch, and make Reaper and Moira join Talon.

Once again you’ll be able to play the Overwatch Retribution Mission on April 10, and it will be running until April 30. Players who complete the mission will likely unlock a large number of cosmetic items.